Kind words

Myles & Babs

“Unbelievable. We are both blown away….the typical response to your photo’s is: ‘they are the best wedding photos I have ever seen’ “

Stephanie & Jeff

“Just got the photos… they are AMAZING. You are a genius… wow. Thank you so much. “

Ipek & Esat

“Omg! Aidan the photos are I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!” 

Helen Ball of Exquisite Weddings

“As well as being the winner of numerous professional awards Aidan was an absolute pleasure to liaise with across the miles and is a mine of information about all things Thai weddings. “ 

Exquisite Weddings

Jeanette Skelton of Luxury Events Phuket

“Aidan these images are absolutely STUNNING!!  WOW you make us look good!!” 

Luxury Events Phuket

David Docando, Make Up Artist

Excellent work! There is such a fine line between romantic and cheesy, and you just did everything with such a good taste! I cant stop looking at them. Honestly, i really love them!!” 

David Docando

Priya & Dipesh

” We just spent the last few hours going through the photos. They are absolutely incredible! Some really great shots, brings all the memories back. We can’t say thank you enough for the excellent photos. It was also really nice to spend time with you, you were certainly missed afterwards and many people told us how impressed they were by you and more so once they saw all the pics!

We’d also like to add that you made the whole process for us very smooth, easy & relaxed which we really appreciated given that there was so much going on – this is from the moment we contacted you so thank you for this too.” 

Nicola & Daniel

“We haven’t sent you an email to let you know how much we loved the pic’s!…..we LOVE them! We have been so busy showing everyone and reliving the wonderful memories. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for such remarkable shots, your pics will never let us forget the amazing feelings and all the memories of the day.

Also thank you for being so wonderful in general, we loved your laid back personality and we don’t really remember you being there at all for parts of the day yet you were there as you captured some wonderful moments. You’re extremely talented and we feel so privileged that you were there for our big day. Thanks again!” 

Thien & Brendan

“I don’t know where to begin. Brendan is away for work this week but we got onto the phone with each other upon receiving your email and were both trying to speak over the top of one another saying which images were our favourites. There were many gasps and ‘I love this one of…’,’look at the one where ,’’wait until you get to this’ and on and on it went. Just thank you from the very bottom of our hearts. You are not just a photographer, you are a magician. You have captured what is truly dear and special to us and through your images I can feel giddiness, nerves and pure joy. I can hear the jokes, delight and the laughter from my wedding day when I looked at these photos. Our first family photos as husband and wife just take my breath away. So hats off to you Aidan, I cannot believe we only paid you what we did for such beauty! You are insane. Again, thank you so much.” 

Julia & Stefan

“OMG the photos are awesome!! I think i’m going to cry :) Thank you sooooo much! “ 

Sophie & Raph

“Aidan!!!!!! Wow what fantastic photos!!! Worth every penny and more – we’ve just relived the day. Brilliant – thank you” 

MinhChau & Peter

” Everyone is in love with the photos. They are just amazing! We couldn’t even imagine they would be this beautiful! “ 

Rob & Hoami

“We received your photos this morning and love them. Your work is amazing and thank you so much for doing such a fantastic job!! We have shown all the family already and they love them. Once again thank you so much for taking such beautiful photos, it really captured the day!! You have an amazing talent and such a creative eye!! We were completely blown away!! We couldn’t be happier for having the best photographer in Asia photographing our wedding!! Thanks a million!!” 

Kendell & Eoin

“Thank you so much for keeping us glued to our phones and laptops for the last 48 hours! We cannot put into words how happy we are with the photos. We were always so excited to see them but once we opened them we couldn’t believe just how good they actually were. Thank you! The photos from early in the day, the ceremony, the meal and everything is just perfect. Thank you so so so much again.” 

Chansouda & Phalakone

"Just amazing! We love your work! Thank you so much! :) We are both impressed about the result. We love all shots you took, it's just fantastic! We're blown away by the emotion you catch on every image and we are reminded of the laugh and fun of the day. We laugh so hard on some of them! :))) We have perfect pictures to go with our perfect memories! Thank you again from the bottom of our heart!"

Cindy & Jeramiah

“We immediately started to fall in love with the photos you took. Thank you, we absolutely know how lucky we were to have you with us on our special day. We and everyone else who has seen the pictures are extremely impressed and overwhelmed with your artistic approach and overall quality of your work.” 

Jolie & Jake

“Aidan I just wanted so say the hugest hugest thankyou for our absolutely incredible pictures from our wedding day, I’ve loved nothing more than showing people and you captured the real soul of the day and the evening and even the evening before which really meant the world to us. Thanks so so much Aidan really appreciated what you did on the day” 

Gab & Ben

“We’re thrilled with the result. Absolutely love them all, so just wanted to say thanks again for doing such a great job and capturing our memories so well. One thing people consistently comment on is that compared to other wedding photos you really captured the emotion and what it felt like to be there.” 

Thuy & Digby

“You nailed it Aidan! You are a very talented photographer and we were very fortunate to have had you along. We are both highly appreciative of the work and effort that you put into this. Simply amazing!” 

Charlotte & James

“Aidan! What can I say? We’ve just looked through all the photos and they are AMAZING, we couldn’t be happier! You really captured the whole day so well, and it’s been such good fun reliving it all! :) Thank you soo much! We are super happy! :)."

Hedda & Erlend

“Thank you Aidan!! We are extremely happy with the pictures and you captured the moments perfectly. We now have the memories for life and can share them with friends and family  It was great to have you there! A great photographer and a great guy!” 

Jason & Nisha

“Thanks for the photos, they look nothing short of amazing and I mean that. We are super happy with the pics !” 

Miki & Paul

“ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much Aidan, the pics are awesome! You guys did an amazing job”

Leanne & Stephen

“Amazing amazing amazing photos Aidan!!! We are sooooo happy with them!! Thank you sooooo much for capturing the most amazing day of our lives!!“

Van Ha & Alex

“I can’t thank you enough for the sublime photos!!!! They are really special and needless to say how everybody loves them !!!! They certainly show how talented you are, and I am sure it also shows the kindness and the beauty in your soul ;-) Thanks again and again!!!!”

Mindy & Tony

“LOVING our pictures so so much!!! Thank you so much for your hard work and amazing captures! It all came out amazing and so much laughter and joy captured- love it! Appreciate everything you have done for us and it was a pleasure meeting and working with ya!! =)” 

Ann & Rob

“On a very exciting note…we got our wedding pictures!! Thanks a million, we’ve looked over them several times and love them. So honored to have you as our photographer…thanks again for all your hard work in making our day memorable.” 

Leigh & Matt

“Wow!  Thank you so much Aidan!  The slideshow is fantastic!  These photos are exactly what we wanted. A big thank you to you for your efforts and ‘invisible-ness’ on our wedding day.  You were a pleasure to be around on the lead up to walking down the aisle! We love the photos!  We love your photography style and we are so happy we asked you to photograph our wedding, and that you were available!  I can’t stop looking at the photos and smiling at how you have captured all of our friends and family laughing, smiling, interacting with each other, and having a wonderful time. Thank you so much.  Absolutely love them.“ 

Renee & Steve

“Thanks for the photo’s!!! They’re fantastic and we’re very happy with them and how they turned out, a lot of people who have seen them have commented on them saying they’re really good and capture the moment really well!!! Love all the scenic and artistic ones too! Thanks again for everything! We had a truly wonderful day and you helped contributed enormously to it by capturing the mood and the atmosphere! Thanks so much!” 

Ashley & Bill

“All of our family members were moved by the slideshow you put together. It brought all of them to tears and it often brings us to tears when we look back on it. The photographs are beyond words are we are so thankful that we have such wonderful pictures to remember our day. Thank you again for everything you have done for us.”

Aneela & Brian

“Thank you ever so much for the GORGEOUS photos. You did a fantastic job and we are truly pleased with the final products! Everyone has been raving about your photos :-)” 

Tammie & Al

“I really wanted to thank youfor the exceptional support you guys provided on the day and leading up to it. You really helped make it an incredible experience for us and we really appreciate the work you did.” 

Jing & Alex

“We would like to thank you for capturing these special moments at our wedding! You guys have done an amazing job! Every time, we look at the pictures, we are reminded of the good time that we had in Vietnam! Thank you so much!”

Sophie & Christol

“Thank you soooooooo much!!! What an amazing surprise this morning, the pictures are so great! I love them all already!!!! I’d like to congratulate one more time, you really are a very fine photographer :-)))))” 

Dani & Ben

“Many thanks for the images, we love them, you’ve totally captured everything about the day, especially our emotions which is exactly what we wanted, thank you so much.”

Dani & Benji

“Ben & I just wanted to thank you for helping to make our wedding day so special, you were just so easy to work with and so friendly, so happy we choose you!“ 

Nikki & Jeff

” It was a magical day and wouldn’t have been the same without you there!! Everything was perfect and we never forget it!!” 

Shanais & Matt

“The pictures are all amazing, we couldn’t be more happy with them! Thank you so much!“ 

Mel & Gaurav

” We can’t stop watching the slideshow. Love love love! There are so many amazing pics.” 

Mary & Justin

” Aidan the photos are amazing! Thank you so much!!” 

Amber & Jarrad

“OMG…we are in LOVE!!!!!” 

Nat & Cha

” Wow, Aidan.  The pictures are so beautiful.  Thank-you again and again.” 

Stacey & Lee

“Wedding photography can make or break your memories. Aidan Dockery Photography knocked it out of the park! We, our family and friends thank you for cataloging our memories and for being a part of a wonderful chapter of out lives.” 

Kerryn & Shaun

“Just wanted to ping you a quick note to say thanks so much for the photos! We love them… So many magic little moments captured forever. You are a very talented guy, and it was a pleasure having you at the Wedding.” 

Billy & Viv

“The photos look fantastic! Viv and I now have the difficult task of sifting through them in the coming days to decide which ones to enlarge. We just wanted to say thank you again for making this memorable experience.” 

Jovia & Shab

” You surely weren’t kidding when you said there were a lot of pictures. We think the pictures are amazing!” 

Novita and Julien

“Thank you sooooooo much for those beautiful pictures. We love them a lot. Thank you for everything…”

Khoa & Cuong

“The photos are so beautiful. You have captured every single moment of our day. Thank you so much.” 

Martha & Alfons

“Thanks a million! The very first pic we looked at made clear what is meant with ‘professional’. Thanks a lot for the effort you took; we are very happy” 

Dave & Tash

“Aidan thank you once again for a great a day. The images are ace and exactly what we wanted. We knew you guys would do an amazing job, so thank you!”

Masha & Dmitriy

“Aidan, we just looked through them like 30 times and these photos are amazing!  You are so talented – thank you so much!!!!! “ 

Eddy & Kim

“The images look awesome! You truly worked your guts out that day and I’m glad the results have borne fruit.”

Nhi & Tuyen

“Beautiful work! Thank you so much for making my big day even more wonderful. We all love what you had captured.” 

Hieu & An

“The pictures are stunning! Thank you so much for all the work you put into them. Chuc ban nam moi, suc khoe, thanh cong!” 

Truc and Jason

“Ohhh the photos ARE stunning, we loooveee them!!!”

Edmond & Richard

“The images look fantastic! Thank you so much!!” 

Bryley & Brad

“LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos and so do our family and friends!!!!” 

Dani & Ben

“Many thanks for the images, we love them, you’ve totally captured everything about the day, especially our emotions which is exactly what we wanted, thank you so much.”

Saing & Sodany

“Thank you very much for your effort to make such good photos. They all look really nice and fantastic. I really like them all. Thank to Aidan for this very excellence work.” 

Grace & Jack

“We love the photos!! Amazing shots. And certainly very unique perspective. We’re glad we made the decision to go with you guys….Thanks again for the great and hardwork! “ 

Elodie & Ismail

“Cette photo est incroyable Aidan! T’es un magicien!” 

Vibha & Chris

“Just wanted to say thanks for the photos – they are amazing!” 

James & Yui

“Thank you soooooooo much!”

Madison & Andrew

“Aidan, the slideshow is BEAUTIFUL … Thank you so much, it would have not been the same without you :)” 

Jing Ping & Yuan

“Thanks so much! We really love the photos, they are even better than we can image!” 

Yidi & Jaydon

“Fantastic shots Aidan – really great to look back on the week with such great photos! Thanks again!” 

Thuy Vi Maria & Pietro

” The pictures you took are exactly what we were looking for. My mother in law is really enthusiastic about them! Thanks again you have been extremely professional and your pictures are work of art. “ 

Ash & Tyron

“Wow! The photos are fantastic, we love them! Thank you so much. We were really grateful we had you photograph our wedding day, we feel like you fit in perfectly and did such a great job.” 

Mandy & Hiep

“The photos are beautiful! We love them. You are really talented. My wedding photographer from Sydney said your photos were amazing! Thanks again for sharing the day with us, it was really nice getting to know you!” 

Laura & Kelvin

“Thank you so much! The pictures are great! We spent so much time going throught them over and over again. Special moments well captured!” 

Nick & Tip

“Fucking fantastic work my friend…Thanks for the great pictures! We love them ALL and so do our friends and families.” 

Charlie & Talia

“Thanks again for all your time and help. We are so appreciative of your dedication to capturing the energy of our wedding. Everything turned out very well!“ 

Lauren & Ian

“They’re just beautiful Aidan, so many natural shots which I love – you captured the day perfectly, THANK YOU!” 

Lala & Alexei

“Thank’s for your job. All photos are amazing and some of them very funny. We definitely enjoyed.” 

Anthony & Sammi

“I would like to say that Aidan and Julian are two of the most committed photographers I know; and this shown in the fantastic shots of my wedding! I will be shouting there names from The Peak in Hong Kong – Brilliant work boys!” 


“Waouh… les photos de Aidan sont magnifique. Tout le monde est beau et toi tu es sublime. Pas de surprise avec cet homme: il est ‘ la hauteur de ce qu’il pretend et de ce qu’il d’gage..” 


“Your pictures are FANTASTIC! You have captured the love and happiness of this couple and we greatly appreciate your eye for detail. We all agree that these pictures will be cherished for a life time..” 


“a MASSIVE thank you goes out to Aidan Dockery our photographer who did the most in credible job and made my amazing day forever captured in stunning shots that i will cherish for ever. Honestly, you should get him for your wedding where ever you are getting married!” 

Ashley’s recommendation on LinkedIn

“Aidan is absolutely brilliant. His ideas for our wedding were creative and inventive. We couldn’t have asked for a better photographer as he is super knowledgeable and detailed. We have had so many people comment on our photos and ask if they had come from a magazine. Aidan was the best decision we made for our wedding and we are eternally grateful for his talent.” 

Carl & Nic

"Thank you so much for our photos they are fab. Great to meet you and once again thank you for lots of amazing photos."

Sarah & Luke

"Thank you so much!!! We and our loved ones, love the images! You’ve done such a fantastic job that it’s going to be quite difficult to choose which to print! Thank you so so much again, you were definitely one of the best decisions we made with our wedding and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

I have to express our most heartfelt thanks for both you and Aht being so fantastic at our wedding. It was really nice to work with someone so relaxed, with a great sense of humour, who didn’t make us pose too much!"

Jess & Bunna

"Thank you for the photos. They look amazing!"