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Live Music Photography

Live music photography is a highly exhilarating and immersive experience that captures the raw energy and emotion of music performances. Although you generally only get to photograph the first 3 songs, there is nothing quite like being in the front row, inches away from the band, and capturing stunning shots of their dynamic stage presence. Sometimes you also get to go on stage and really experience the performance!
My very first gig was Babyshambles, and Pete Doherty, when he eventually turned up, decided to kick a pint of beer into the audience which meant through the photographers! All part of the job :) I photographed Sia before she was famous when she was singing with Zero 7 and her voice was simply incredible! I also captured Jamaican ska legend Desmond Dekker in what turned out to be his last-ever gig and at 64 years old he was just amazing.
Straight from the photographers’ pit, live music photography from concerts and festivals in the UK and around Asia

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