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Chinese Wedding Photography

Lively and full of color, Chinese weddings are lavish affairs. They are as much about the happy couple as they are about their families. A celebration marked by rituals and traditions, many symbolic aspects focus on blessings of prosperity.

Chinese weddings are full of rich traditions and customs. A typical Chinese wedding is a multi-day celebration that involves various rituals and ceremonies. Choosing the date, picking up the bride, testing the groom, the tea ceremony, hair combing, and red envelopes are all essential parts of the day.

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Chinese Wedding Traditions

From the intricate tea ceremony to the colorful attire, each element of a Chinese wedding has significance. As wedding photographers, we strive to capture the beauty and joy of these cultural celebrations.

Chinese Engagement

bridesmaids at intercontinental hotel in koh samui thailand by chinese wedding photographer
bride getting ready at banyan tree hotel in koh samui thailand by chinese wedding photographer
In Chinese culture, the groom often proposes to the bride and asks for her hand in marriage. This proposal may involve the presentation of a betrothal gift or “bride price.”
Once the couple accepts the proposal, they are considered engaged. Some couples may choose to have an engagement party, during which they exchange rings.
The tea ceremony is an essential part of many Chinese weddings. During this ritual, the couple serves tea to their parents and other elder relatives as a sign of respect and gratitude.

Chinese Wedding Day

windsor wedding in canada bride getting ready
windsor wedding in canada bride and groom

A wedding banquet is a lavish affair in Chinese culture. It features many courses of traditional Chinese dishes with speeches, toasts, and entertainment.

On the wedding day, the bride and groom often wear traditional attire, such as a qipao or a changshan. The wedding ceremony may be at a temple and involve lighting candles, exchanging rings, and bowing to ancestors.

After the ceremony, the couple may hold a reception for their guests. There is more food, drinks, and entertainment, such as a lion or dragon dance. The couple may also play games and give out favors to their guests as a token of appreciation.

Hong Kong Wedding Photography

Hong Kong offers various venues, from the inner city to beachfront locations. The Four Seasons and The Verandah in Repulse Bay are the two favorite venues I photographed Hong Kong weddings.

Hong Kong Four Seasons

hong kong wedding photographer at disneyland
hong kong wedding photographer at disneyland

A waterfront landmark with views of Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong Four Seasons is an exceptional setting for your wedding.

I photographed Ben & Ivy’s wedding at Disneyland Hong Kong and the evening reception at Hong Kong Four Seasons. Two very different locations, but both are unique!

The Verandah Repluse Bay

bride walks down the staircase at the verandah repulse bay hong kong wedding photographer
“A throwback to Hong Kong’s colonial days in a setting reminiscent of an exclusive private club, the Verandah boasts a stylish yet relaxed atmosphere, with tall ceilings and whirling fans, starched tablecloths and flowers, and windows open to the sea.” – Hong Kong Wedding Photographer.
The south side of Hong Kong Island is almost opposite the busy high-rises of Central and Wan Chai. Phyllis and Jason had chosen the charming Verandah restaurant in Repulse Bay for their wedding. The ceremony was on the manicured lawn overlooking the ocean and outlying islands. Then, we whipped them off for a stunning sunset photoshoot on the beach.

Chinese Wedding Photography