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Ivy & Ben | Hong Kong Disneyland + Four Seasons Wedding

Hong Kong Wedding at Disneyland & Four Seasons

Ben and Ivy had an incredible wedding at Disneyland Hong Kong and the Four Seasons Hotel on Hong Kong Island.
Their Hong Kong wedding was new for me on so many levels. It was my first time capturing a wedding ceremony at Hong Kong Disneyland. It is also the first time I have photographed a wedding for 17 hours straight!
I wouldn’t usually post many photos of the wedding car, but it was the first time I have seen, let alone photographed, an HK$80 million Maybach 62S! But most of all, it was my first traditional Chinese wedding and a real privilege to be part of.

Chinese Wedding Traditions

Ben’s luxurious apartment had stunning views overlooking the picturesque Happy Valley. We took in the city’s vibrant culture and lively atmosphere as we went to Ivy’s house in Kowloon.
The journey was full of excitement and anticipation as we awaited the arrival at our destination. Upon arrival, the bridesmaids challenged Ben with fun-filled Chinese games. They tested his wit and charm, but he rose to the occasion and emerged victorious.

Hong Kong Disneyland

It was a fairytale wedding come true. Snow White graced the grounds of Hong Kong Disneyland, captivating us all with her angelic music on the harp. After the ceremony, Mickey and Mini Mouse came over to congratulate the happy couple.
Our enchanting journey continued as we went to the Sleeping Beauty ballroom for lunch. The food resembled our beloved cartoon characters and was delicious.
We bid farewell to the enchanting world of Hong Kong Disneyland and returned to Hong Kong Island. We were immediately taken by its elegance and grandeur when we arrived at our destination, The Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong.
As we look back on the day, we can’t help but feel grateful for our beautiful experience. It was an honor to be part of such a beautiful celebration, and I wish Ben and Ivy a lifetime of love and happiness together.

Hong Kong Wedding Photographer

As a wedding photographer in Hong Kong, I have been fortunate to witness and capture the magic of weddings in this bustling city. Weddings in Hong Kong are a unique blend of traditional customs and modern elements, perfect for any photographer.
Hong Kong weddings are multi-day celebrations involving various ceremonies and rituals. The traditional Chinese tea ceremony, held on the morning of the wedding day, is one of the most significant. As a wedding photographer, I always look forward to capturing the intimate moments between the couple and their families.

Hong Kong Weddings

As well as the tea ceremony, many couples in Hong Kong also choose to have a Western-style wedding ceremony. These can happen in a church, a hotel, or a banquet hall. The ceremonies feature beautiful decor and backdrops, perfect for wedding photographers.
Weddings in Hong Kong emphasize the reception banquet on the same day as the wedding ceremony. The banquet is a lavish affair, often featuring many courses of delectable Cantonese cuisine. As a photographer, I relish the opportunity to capture the joy and excitement of the newlyweds.
Hong Kong Weddings are a wonderful blend of tradition and modernity, perfect for any wedding photographer. At a Hong Kong wedding, you can capture the tea ceremony’s solemnity and the exuberant reception banquet.

From Ivy & Ben

hong kong wedding photographer at disneyland
Thanks Aidan! Simply amazing

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