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Four Seasons has the best wedding venues in Southeast Asia – Four Seasons Wedding Photographer Aidan Dockery.

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Four Seasons History

In 1961, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts opened its first hotel. Founded by Isadore Sharp, the company transformed luxury for modern travelers. Based in Toronto, Canada, Four Seasons operates over 100 hotels worldwide.

Sharp, an architect, entered the hotel business and opened three hotels in the 1960s. The 1970s saw the pivotal opening of a London hotel, setting the tone for future services. By the 1980s, Four Seasons expanded across the US.

The 1990s focused on global resort expansion, introducing the Four Seasons experience to Europe and Asia. In the fifth decade, the brand had a presence on every continent. As a leader in North American hospitality, it anticipated the demand for leisure experiences.

Entering the new millennium, Four Seasons maintained global growth. Four Seasons remains committed to its position in luxury hospitality.

Four Seasons Southeast Asia

Best Vietnam Wedding venues in Hoi An is Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai


The Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok, offers a contemporary and inspired wedding setting. Thai cultural elements in the design and proximity to the vibrant street food scene add to the appeal. It is ideal for couples seeking a blend of modern luxury and local charm for their wedding.

In Northern Thailand, the Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai provides a picturesque wedding venue. The customizable tours allow couples to explore and tailor their wedding experience. The resort’s serene ambiance and cultural connections offer a distinctive wedding setting.

Further south, the Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui provides an exotic and relaxed wedding setting. The resort’s scenic surroundings and exclusive activities offer an outstanding wedding experience.


Four Seasons Resort Langkawi’s rainforests, offers a tranquil backdrop for weddings. Kayaking and rainforest walks add an adventurous touch to the wedding experience. The traditional fishing experience at Rumah Ikan Fish House, offers a wedding reception option.


The Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay and Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan, are enchanting wedding settings. The evolving dining scene and the cultural mix in Bali offer diverse catering options for wedding celebrations. The resorts’ luxurious surroundings make them well-suited for couples seeking a romantic wedding.

The Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta, with its urban oasis setting, offers a blend of modern luxury and traditional charm. The city’s hidden gems, provide unique venues for pre-wedding events or intimate celebrations. The hotel’s proximity to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah adds a cultural touch to the wedding experience.