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Aerial Drone Photography

Drone Photography

As a passionate drone enthusiast, I enjoy capturing stunning aerial footage with my drone. Drones always amaze me, from capturing beautiful landscapes to documenting events.
I can provide services for various events and occasions as a professional drone operator. I capture amazing aerial footage for weddings, corporate events, and real estate listings.

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Aerial photos from Southeast Asia & Europe

Wedding Drone Photography

Drone photography has become a popular trend in wedding photography. Drones capture beautiful aerial shots of weddings, the venue, the couple, and the scenic surroundings. These images add a dramatic and breathtaking touch to the wedding album.
Wedding photographers can use drones to take aerial shots of the ceremony and reception. Also, capture the beauty of the venue, the décor, and the guests. Drones produce creative photography, capturing unique angles and compositions. That would be difficult or impossible to achieve with traditional photography methods.
Using drones for wedding photography captures amazing aerial shots, adding a stunning touch to the album.

Aerial Drone Photography

We cater to a diverse range of clients seeking our aerial drone photography, filming, and video services. Our offerings encompass:
1. Aerial corporate videos designed for product launches, advertising, websites, and promotional purposes.
2. Aerial drone photography specifically tailored for Estate Agents.
3. Commercial property aerial photography to showcase properties from unique perspectives.
4. Events and sports aerial filming to capture dynamic moments from the sky.
5. Tourism, travel, and hotel aerial photography and video to showcase breathtaking views and promote destinations.
6. Indoor aerial photography, capturing stunning imagery from within enclosed spaces.
7. 360° Virtual Reality Aerial Panoramas, providing immersive aerial experiences.

Drone Wedding Photography

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Drone videos from Thailand and the UK

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