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Jewish Wedding Photography & Bar Mitzvah

Jewish wedding photography focuses on capturing Jewish weddings’ unique customs and traditions. Symbolism and meaning infuse Jewish weddings, and capturing the essence of the day is an essential part of photography.

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Jewish Wedding Traditions

Full of tradition, Jewish weddings are always incredible events. Despite following age-old traditions, Jewish weddings are anything but predictable. The complete sequence includes:

Bridal preparations in the morning
The separate groom’s reception
Breaking of the glass at the Tisch
The veiling ceremony or Badeken
The procession
Promises made under the Chuppah
Signing of the Ketubah

Then there is the singing, dancing, and fantastic food!

The Ketubah

Mikkeller Bangkok Thailand Wedding Photography
Mikkeller Bangkok Thailand Wedding Photography
In a wedding, the photography of the ketubah signing holds great value as it marks a significant moment. The ketubah, a Jewish marriage contract, requires the couple and two witnesses to sign it. Usually, the signing takes place in a private room. As a Jewish wedding photographer, it is essential to capture this intimate moment.
Another essential aspect of Jewish wedding photography is the chuppah ceremony. The chuppah is a canopy that symbolizes the home the couple will build together. It is a central part of the Jewish wedding ceremony.

The Chuppah

Couples often decorate the chuppah with flowers and other ornaments. As a photographer, capturing the chuppah’s beauty and the ceremony’s significance is essential.

Lively dancing and music are also a characteristic of Jewish weddings. As a photographer, capturing the energy and joy of these moments is essential. From the hora to the traditional circle dance, the dancing at Jewish weddings celebrates the couple’s love.

Jewish wedding photography is about capturing the beauty and meaning of the day in a way that honors the couple and their traditions. As a Jewish wedding photographer, I must document these moments, giving the couple a record of their special day.

Jewish Wedding Photography & Bar Mitzvah