Van & Cody | Bhaya Cruises Halong Bay Wedding

Bhaya Cruise Halong Bay Wedding in Vietnam

Van & Cody’s awesome Halong Bay wedding on Bhaya Cruise & Hòn Tằm Island photoshoot in Vietnam.
‘Can you ride a jetski?’ I asked. ‘If it’s stand up I can ride it backyards!’ Cody, the rock guitarist sushi chef replied! Meet one cool Californian couple and their love story from Halong Bay in the North of Vietnam to Hon Tam Island in Nha Trang.
This wedding is particularly unique because unfortunately, you can’t do it anymore. Their spectacular Halong Bay wedding reception was held in a cave in Halong Bay but now all caves are closed to the public.

Halong Bay

Located in the northeastern part of Vietnam, Hạ Long Bay is renowned for its mesmerizing emerald waters and majestic limestone islands adorned with verdant rainforests. Visitors can embark on junk boat tours or sea kayak expeditions to marvel at the islands, each uniquely named after their distinctive shapes, such as Stone Dog and Teapot islets.
The region is a haven for adventure enthusiasts, offering opportunities for scuba diving, rock climbing, and hiking, with the scenic Cát Bà National Park boasting mountainous landscapes that are perfect for exploration. Hạ Long Bay is a popular destination that promises awe-inspiring natural beauty and thrilling outdoor experiences for travelers to indulge in.

Hon Trong (Drum Cave)

Their magical Halong Bay wedding dinner setting was inside Hon Trong. According to researchers, Drum Cave is also an archaeological site of Soi Nhu Culture dating back from 7,000 – 18,000 years ago.
Legend has it that long ago, in a floating fishing village in Halong Bay, there was a beautiful woman and a hard-working fisherman who fell in love. Despite their poverty, the woman was forced to marry a wealthy man in the village, but she disagreed and fled to a deserted cave. On a stormy day, the woman was overcome with fear and turned to stone.
When the fisherman heard the news, he rowed his boat to find her but got lost in another deserted cave opposite where the woman was. He could see her from a distance and tried to signal his presence by striking a stone on the cliff, but she could not hear him. Exhausted and miserable, the fisherman also turned to stone.
Today, the cave where the fisherman was petrified is known as Hon Trong (Drum Cave or Male Cave), while the opposite cave is called Hang Trinh Nu (Virgin Cave or Female Cave). Tourists who visit these caves can still see stone statues of the boy and the girl, preserving the legend of their tragic love story.

Hòn Tằm Island photoshoot.

After their Halong Bay wedding, we made our way South to Hon Tam Island in Nha Trang for a post-wedding photoshoot involving jet skis and rice wine!
Hon Tam has earned the reputation of being a serene haven, often referred to as “a small paradise,” due to its pristine natural beauty and idyllic location. Situated in a tranquil sea, where warm sunshine and gentle sea breezes abound throughout the year, MerPerle Hon Tam Resort is a picturesque retreat.
Nestled amidst the sparkling waters and a kilometer-long stretch of powdery white sandy beach, the resort seamlessly blends with the lush tropical forest, creating a harmonious oasis for guests to revel in.

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Featured in South China Morning Post, Asia Weddings and Honeymoons, Dream Journal, Halong Hub, and Bliss Creations Destination Weddings Magazine.

From Van & Cody

bride and groom at their wedding reception inside Hon Trong Drum Cave Halong Bay Vietnam
You did such an amazing job with our photos! Thank you again for capturing all of our special moments!

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