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Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai, Hoi An Wedding

Bryley & Brad’s sensational wedding at Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai Hoi An, Vietnam
Nestled along Vietnam’s culturally vibrant central coast, Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai Hoi An boasts an enchanting setting that provides access to three remarkable UNESCO World Heritage sites.
It offers a refreshing escape on the nation’s most renowned beach. Situated a mere 15-minute drive from the charming town of Hoi An and graced by nearly 25 miles of soft, platinum-white sands stretching towards Danang, the resort’s location is nothing short of inspirational.
Formerly recognized as The Nam Hai and acclaimed as one of Vietnam’s premier hotels, this alluring coastal retreat became a part of the Four Seasons hotel group in late 2016. The architecture features gray stone, pagoda-style roofs, palm trees adorned with vivid lanterns, and tranquil reflective pools, all celebrating the essence of traditional Vietnamese temple design.

Hoi An Weddings Vietnam

Hội An, situated on the central coast of Vietnam, is renowned for its meticulously preserved Ancient Town, intersected by intricate canals. The city’s history as a former bustling port is reflected in its architectural tapestry—a fusion of various epochs and styles. From wooden Chinese shophouses and temples to vibrant French colonial structures, ornate Vietnamese tube houses, and the iconic Japanese Covered Bridge adorned with a pagoda, the cityscape is a testament to its diverse heritage.
In 1999, UNESCO designated the old town as a World Heritage Site, acknowledging its impeccable preservation as a representation of a Southeast Asian trading hub from the 15th to 19th centuries. The buildings stand as a harmonious blend of local and foreign influences. However, the UNESCO Impact Report of 2008 underscores the challenges faced by stakeholders in safeguarding this heritage from the impacts of tourism.
This historic trading port has cultivated a distinct regional cuisine that harmoniously fuses cultural nuances from East and Southeast Asia. Hoi An plays host to various cooking classes, inviting tourists to master the art of crafting signature dishes like Cao lầu—a tantalizing blend of braised spiced pork noodles.

Banh Mi

As per CNN’s accolade, Hoi An proudly holds the title of the “banh mi capital of Vietnam.” Banh Mi, a quintessential Vietnamese sandwich, features a delightful fusion of a baguette, pâté, meats, and aromatic fresh herbs.
I wholeheartedly concur with this distinction!

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