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Minhchau & Peter | Pleiku Vietnam x Windsor Canada Wedding

Vietnam Wedding Photographer

Minhchau & Peter’s beautiful photoshoot in Hue & Lang Co and their incredible wedding in Pleiku, VVietnam.
I love multiple-day wedding shoots! It allows me to get to know the couple and spend time with their family. Anyone planning a destination wedding, don’t think of it as The Big Day. Think about The Big Week! I met MinhChau and Peter in the old capital of Hue, where we had a morning for a photoshoot around the ancient citadel. We also stopped at the beautiful Lang Co Lake, 30km north of DaNang, en route to the airport.
That evening, we flew to their hometown of Pleiku in the central highlands. But this was more than a wedding. MinhChau left Vietnam when she was four years old, and this was the first time the whole family had been together for 26 years!
It was a beautiful, emotional time for everyone. The entire family was accommodating, and the next day, we had a chance to explore their countryside. Many might think of Pleiku as a big industrial town, but outside the city are stunning countryside, lakes, and coffee and tea plantations.

Chua Minh Thanh Pagoda Vietnam

The wedding day itself was spectacular. MinhChau’s cousin and owner of the stunning Chua Minh Thanh pagoda in Pleiku, Vietnam opened the doors for their first-ever wedding there.
His master founded the temple as a small, humble temple on the family’s coffee farm, and he started to study to be a monk there at age 6. After the master’s passing, MinhChau’s cousin finished his doctorate in fine Asian art in Taiwan. Soon after, he started expanding on the original temple based on influences from temples around Asia that he had visited.
He has designed every tiny detail of the temple. It was beautiful and ornate and the perfect location for exchanging their vows. We had the chance for a wedding photoshoot around the countryside before the reception at their family home.
Thank you to everyone for making me feel so welcome and letting me be part of your celebrations. It is a week that will stay with me for a long time.

Canada Wedding Photographer

MinhChau & Peter loved the photos and invited me to Canada to photograph their wedding in Windsor, Ontario. How could I say no?! So, I set off on an epic 43-hour journey from Bangkok to Windsor with a layover in Delhi. I last went to India’s fascinating capital nearly ten years ago, and it’s still a fantastic city (even carrying around 20kg of photography equipment!).
Jet-lagged and dazed, I arrived in Windsor in the afternoon and went to bed at 5 pm. After living in Asia, the air in North America is so clear, the sky so blue, and the streets so quiet! I met with MinhChau and Peter at Caesar’s Casino, where they stayed for their wedding day. The next day, we were feasting on some of the best Middle Eastern food I have tasted (you’ll get to know that they both love their food)
We started the wedding day with an early morning photoshoot. After lunch, the wedding at Windsor Art Gallery had a stunning view overlooking Detroit’s skyline. Again, after many tasting sessions, the couple chose the menu to die for.

Chinese Tea Ceremony

The morning after, I skipped eating breakfast in anticipation of a traditional Tea Ceremony that awaited. The Chinese banquet was a feast for the senses, with many dishes adorning the table. Amongst them, a mouth-watering lobster soup stood out as one of the highlights, bursting with rich flavor and delicate spices.
After the lively celebrations, MinhChau and Peter took me on a road trip to Toronto. Niagara Falls was a sight to behold, and we took the Maid of the Mist right up to the falls. We continued our journey, indulging in delectable food and visiting the iconic CN Tower. The top of the tower offered stunning panoramic city views.
Our culinary adventures continued as we savored the famous Canadian dish, Poutine. The combination of crispy fries, rich gravy, and cheese curds was an explosion of flavors in my mouth, leaving me craving more.
MinhChau & Peter are two of the kindest, friendliest, and most genuine people I have met. I hope the slideshow captures the fun and happiness of the long weekend. I’ve included travel shots from Delhi, Niagara, and Toronto, as that was all part of the experience. I would love to welcome you guys to Bangkok one day. The food here is good, too!

Features & Awards

Shortly after their wedding in Canada, MinhChau and Peter’s Vietnam wedding was featured in Sketch, Vietnam’s Japanese language magazine.

From Minhchau & Peter

windsor wedding in canada bride and groom just married
” Everyone is in love with the photos. They are just amazing! We couldn’t even imagine they would be this beautiful! “

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