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Tea Trails Sri Lanka Wedding

Nisha and Jason chose Summerville Bungalow, Ceylon Tea Trails, as the idyllic setting for their gorgeous Sri Lanka wedding elopement. The couple’s private abode for the day was the Hatton Bungalow. They exchanged vows in a Sri Lanka wedding ceremony held on the bungalow’s intimate lawn.
After arriving in Colombo, we went to Hatton to capture their special day. In the morning, we embarked on a serene boat ride across the tranquil Castlereagh Lake. Then, we stopped for a breathtaking photo session amidst the picturesque countryside.
Ceylon Tea Trails bungalows lie amidst the scenic hills of the Bogawantalawa region in Sri Lanka. This is the premier region for high-quality Ceylon teas. Thriving tea bushes surrounding Bogawantalawa, known as “The Golden Valley,” produce a wide range of teas. This region celebrates its status as the birthplace of Ceylon tea. It was one of the first areas to undergo cultivation after the shift from coffee to tea in the 1870s.

Summerville Bungalow

The Summerville Bungalow is a lavish estate in the Ceylon Tea Trails, Sri Lanka. Surrounded by scenic tea plantations, the bungalows offer a retreat in natural beauty. Next to the bungalow lies a tranquil lake, perfect for Sri Lanka Wedding Photos!
The early 1900s saw renovations and refurbishments to the Summerville Bungalow. It retains its original charm and historical significance. The four large bedrooms offer captivating vistas of picturesque surroundings.
The interior decor of Summerville Bungalow pays homage to the cultural and historical significance of the region. Antique furnishings, artwork, and decorative accents embellishing the expansive living spaces. The veranda of the bungalow serves as a serene vantage point to unwind and revel in the breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding vistas.
The interior decor of Summerville Bungalow celebrates the culture and history of the region. Antique furnishings, artwork, and decorative accents embellish the expansive living spaces.

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Kosgoda & Bentota

A few years after their Sri Lanka Wedding, Nisha and Jason unexpectedly reached out to me to inquire about capturing some family photos during their return trip to Sri Lanka. I eagerly accepted the opportunity to revisit the breathtaking country once more.
During their return trip to Sri Lanka, we arranged a photoshoot on Kosgoda Beach, which was conveniently located near their accommodation in Ahungalla, Galle. The beach is well-known for the Kosgoda Sea Turtle Conservation Project, adding to the scenic beauty of the location. We then made our way to Bentota, a popular resort town on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka. Bentota Beach stretches along the coastline, culminating in a sandy stretch called Paradise Island.
It was delightful to see the family again and meet their two boys. I can hardly wait for my next visit to Sri Lanka!

From Nisha & Jason

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“Thanks for the photos, they look nothing short of amazing and I mean that. We are super happy with the pics !”

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