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Phyllis & Jason | The Verandah Repulse Bay Hong Kong Wedding

The Verandah Repulse Bay Hong Kong

Phyllis & Jason’s spectacular wedding at The Verandah Repulse Bay in Hong Kong.
Repulse Bay, also known as Tsin Shui Wan, sits nestled in the southern region of Hong Kong Island. This picturesque bay stands among the globe’s most prestigious residential locales, commanding some of the highest property values worldwide!
The Verandah in Repulse Bay is sophisticated and elegant yet still captures the charm of the historic Repulse Bay Hotel. This charming restaurant serves both traditional and contemporary European cuisine. It captures the nostalgic atmosphere of the past, where people enjoyed delicious food, fine wine, and great company.

Repulse Bay Hong Kong

As a Hong Kong wedding photographer, I adore photographing weddings in Repulse Bay. This stunning location is in the southern part of Hong Kong Island, nestled between Deep Water Bay to the east and Middle Bay and South Bay to the west. The picturesque beauty of this place never fails to captivate me and my weddings.
The beach at Repulse Bay is a major attraction. It is stunning with its 292-meter length and soft, white sand. The clear and calm water creates an inviting atmosphere for a refreshing dip. Since the 19th century, this beach has been a popular swimming spot for Hong Kong Island residents. It also saw the launch of the island’s first public bus service for beachgoers.
The origins of Repulse Bay’s name are a mystery. People have passed down various stories, but no solid evidence supports them. One exciting tale suggests that pirates used the bay as a base in 1841, causing concern among foreign merchant ships trading with China. The Royal Navy repulsed the pirates; thus, the name came into being.

Hong Kong Golf Club

According to another story, HMS Repulse, who was stationed there at some point, named the bay. Yet, no concrete evidence supports this claim either. Despite its uncertain origins, Repulse Bay has etched its name in history and is a treasured location.
Over the years, Repulse Bay has seen significant development. In 1898 the Hong Kong Golf Club opened in the valley behind Deep Water Bay, becoming a prominent social hub. Roads were built to connect the north and south of Hong Kong Island. This led to Repulse Bay becoming the beautiful beach it is today. The Repulse Bay Hotel, built in 1920 by the Kadoorie family, adds charm to this place. It has welcomed famous guests like writer Ernest Hemingway and actor Marlon Brando.
Repulse Bay offers a dreamy backdrop for a wedding photographer like me to capture timeless moments of love and joy. With its soft sands and inviting waters, the beach provides a romantic setting for couples to exchange vows and celebrate their love. The beautiful scenery and rich history make each wedding album unique at this location. Repulse Bay provides the perfect setting for unforgettable wedding photography. The ambiance is always right for a Hong Kong wedding day.

From Phyllis & Jason

bride walks down the staircase at the verandah repulse bay hong kong wedding photographer
“Ohhh the photos ARE stunning, we loooveee them!!!”

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