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Laura & Kyle | Nam Nghi Coral Peninsula Phu Quoc Wedding

Nam Nghi Coral Peninsula Phu Quoc Wedding

Laura & Kyle married at the beautiful Nam Nghi Coral Peninsula Resort in Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam. I loved their Vietnam wedding ceremony, which they held on a private island off Phu Quoc island!
Nam Nghi Resort is a modern luxury retreat on Phu Quoc’s northwestern shore. This resort has beautiful clear water views, sandy beaches, and green forests. Set along the Gulf of Thailand, it is near Vinpearl Land Phú Quốc and Thạnh Thới ferry terminal.
As the “Pearl of Vietnam,” Phu Quoc combines picturesque beaches and dense tropical jungle. Nam Nghi Resort is an exquisite Phu Quoc wedding in Vietnam.

Nam Nghi Resort Phu Quoc

My preferred choice is Nam Nghi Resort, situated on a serene bay northwest of Phu Quoc. This exclusive location features a private island next to the main one, allowing you to reach your ceremony via a boat journey.
Nestled on the Mong Tay Peninsula, Nam Nghi has captivating panoramas of azure waters, sandy shores, and verdant forests. The resort’s architecture integrates with the surrounding natural beauty in an Indochine style. Additionally, with its west-facing orientation, Nam Nghi ensures guests witness breathtaking sunsets.
Established by a Vietnamese family, Nam Nghi Resort takes great pride in its cultural heritage. The resort dedicates itself to environmental sustainability and embraces local traditions. Nam Nghi encourages guests to delve into Vietnam’s rich heritage.

Phu Quoc Weddings

Phu Quoc, Vietnam, has changed in the last ten years. It is now lively with many places to have your Vietnam wedding.
The ideal time to visit Phu Quoc is between November and May, as the weather is at its best. But remember that tourists flock to the island during this time, so that it can get crowded. Plan your wedding outside of holidays like Christmas or New Year to save money and avoid crowds. By doing so, you can enjoy the beauty of Phu Quoc without unnecessary hassles and extra costs!

Phu Quoc Island Vietnam

They call Phu Quoc, Vietnam’s largest island, the “Pearl Island” for its white-sand beaches. While known for luxury resorts, it also emphasizes environmental conservation and cultural heritage. Fishing and agriculture thrive; over half the island is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.
Home to fish sauce, pepper, and pearls, Phu Quoc offers a blend of luxury and local life with clean water and clear skies. The island, part of Kiên Giang Province, features mountains, dense jungles, and a population of around 103,000.
Phu Quoc’s 150-km coastline is Vietnam’s top water sports destination. Long Beach offers 20 km of unobstructed sunsets, while tree-lined beaches like Ganh Dau and Bai Thom remain hidden. Adventurous travelers can explore the island’s waterfalls, rock pools, and caves.

Phu Quoc Fish Sauce

Phu Quoc produces a lot of fish sauce! Touring a fish sauce factory is a must. Traditional fishing villages like Ham Hinh provide a glimpse into daily life, offering fresh seafood. Explore cultural and historical sites like Cay Dua prison and Cao Dai temples.
The island’s triangle shape, striking white-sand beaches, and fresh seafood attract sun-seekers. Bai Sao, Vung Bau, Ong Lang, Ganh Dau, and Bien Ba Keo offer diverse beach experiences, from lively to secluded.

From Laura & Kyle

Nam Nghi Resort Phu Quoc - Exquisite location for a luxury wedding in Vietnam
Aidan these photos are incredible! You captured the day so perfectly. Thank you! I’m thrilled

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