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Private Wedding | Villa Chaman Chao Pao Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan Villa Wedding

The couple has requested that their identity remain confidential for their amazing Koh Phangan Villa Wedding in Thailand.
But I can tell you they were staying in a rockstar villa, Villa Chaman Chao Pao. They also hired a superyacht for a sensational pre-wedding excursion and married on a hidden beach that used to host some of the most notorious parties on Koh Phangan!
We embarked on a cruise around the stunning Mu Koh Angthong National Marine Park, and the wedding finished with a fantastic fire show at Alcove Phangan.
A few years after their Koh Phangan wedding, I met the couple again for their vow renewal at Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui!

Villa Chaman Chao Pao Koh Phangan

Villa Chaman on Koh Phangan, a photographer’s paradise, sits atop a tropical hill, offering a 16m infinity pool with Gulf of Thailand views. The villa commands the most stunning sunsets on Koh Phangan, overlooking the Gulf from Koh Samui to Angthong Marine Park.
On a tropical hilltop in Koh Phangan, Villa Chaman is the perfect wedding venue. This stunning villa has a 16m infinity pool and captivating Gulf of Thailand vistas. Each room features an ensuite and walk-in closet, and the terrace is a photographer’s dream setting!

Angthong Marine Park

Ang Thong National Marine Park is a stunning group of 42 islands in the Gulf of Thailand, with Ko Phaluai’s northern tip also part of the park. A ranger station, bungalows, and a restaurant are at Ao Phi Beach on Ko Wua Talap.
The panoramic viewpoint at Mu Ko Ang Thong offers a breathtaking scene of mini islands covered in jungle, akin to Thailand’s Raja Ampat. It’s renowned as one of the country’s best views.
The archipelago, about 20 km from Ko Samui, features around 40 small islands. Day boat trips from Ko Samui or Ko Pha-ngan are popular, with Ko Wua Ta Lab as a highlight. This central island boasts pristine beaches and a 400-meter trail leading to a summit with expansive views of the Gulf of Thailand. Snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities abound, including at Ko Sam Sao, Ko Thai Phlo, Ko Wua Kan Tang, and Ko Hin Dab.
On Ko Mae Ko, the Emerald Lake (Talay Nai) is a hidden gem accessible after a strenuous 15-minute hike. Fed by underground sea tunnels, the lake’s Gumby-colored waters are a unique sight.
Pha Jun Jaras Viewpoint on Ko Wua Talap is the highlight of an Ang Thong trip. After a 30-minute hike, a stunning view of the islands stretches into the distance.
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From Private Wedding

Villa Chaman Chao Pao Koh Phangan Thailand Wedding Photography
What a pleasant surprise it is to have someone exceed your expectations! It doesn’t seem to happen that often these days, but it surely did with Aidan who has been with us for two days during our wedding in Thailand. I can’t commend him enough on his skills. The photography is my hobby, and I was just so blown away to see so many unique and inspiring images that managed to capture the essence of each moment. I’m not a big fan of the photos where people pose as I much prefer natural and spontaneous artistic shots, which in my opinion are much harder to take. Aidan is actually amazing in both, but the photos where people didn’t pose are just out of this world! Even the photos of nature and surroundings were epic. I can’t thank Aidan enough. These memories will stay with us for a lifetime. What a great job!!!

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