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Jamie & Natasha | Rayavadee Wedding Railay Beach Krabi

Rayavadee Wedding Railay Beach Krabi

Jamie & Natasha had their stunning Rayavadee wedding on Railay Beach Krabi in Thailand.
Railay Beach is one of the most beautiful locations in South East Asia. Although a peninsula and part of mainland Krabi, it is only accessible by boat and feels like an island. I couldn’t wait to get there and catch up with Jamie & Natasha, who had invited me to photograph their Rayavadee wedding.
The Rayavadee wedding venue in Krabi was stunning. Every detail was perfect from the moment I arrived via a longtail boat. Stepping onto the beach was a breathtaking sight. There were limestone cliffs, swaying palm trees, and pristine white sand. Railay Beach created a unique and tranquil setting for the Rayavadee wedding ceremony in Thailand.

Koh Gai

On the day before their Rayavadee wedding, we took motorboats from Railay East to Kho Gai, also known as Chicken Island. Kho Gai is a popular spot for snorkeling, swimming, and exploring the limestone cliffs that rise from the ocean and give it its name.
After exploring Kho Gai, we continued to a beautiful deserted beach with a spectacular sunset picnic. The secluded beach provided a serene setting for the wedding party to enjoy their pre-wedding celebrations.

Monks Blessing at Rayavadee

The next morning was the day of their Rayavadee wedding. Jamie, Natasha, and their guests gathered with the monks, where they performed a Buddhist blessing ceremony.
The blessing ceremony performed by the monks is an essential ritual in Thai culture. It is customary to seek blessings from Buddhist monks before significant life events, such as weddings. The ceremony involved chanting, prayers, and the sprinkling of holy water for the couple and their future together.
It was a beautiful and spiritual experience for the couple and their guests on their Rayavadee wedding day.

The Grotto

The wedding ceremony took place in the enchanting setting of Rayavadee’s “The Grotto.” Unique rock formations surround the cave.
We walked down to Phra Nang Beach for a photoshoot after the ceremony. Phra Nang Beach is a stunning location with crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, and lush greenery. This beach is a perfect backdrop for wedding photos!
The wedding party then enjoyed a seaside meal at The Umbrella Tree Court. It’s an open-air beachside restaurant featuring a large umbrella tree with stunning ocean views. And finally, it was back to The Grotto, where the wedding partied the night away under the stars!

Farewell Rayavadee

Jamie and Natasha’s Rayavadee wedding in Krabi was an incredible experience filled with love and celebration. It’s a memory that will stay with them, their family, and their friends forever.

From Jamie & Natasha

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Amazing! Thankyou, Aidan!

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