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Christine and Stephan | Sai Nuan Koh Tao Wedding

Sai Nuan Beach Koh Tao Wedding

Christine & Stephan traveled from Germany for their stunning Koh Tao Wedding Elopement on Sai Nuan Beach in Thailand.
Heiraten in Thailand, a German wedding planner, arranged their wedding day in style. I loved being their Koh Tao wedding photographer!

Sai Nuan Beach Koh Tao

Sai Nuan Beach on Koh Tao is a special place and one of my favorite hideaways on the island. It’s a serene haven tucked away from the tourist hustle, making it feel like my private escape. The two beaches, Sai Nuan 1 and the even more secluded Sai Nuan 2 offer a perfect blend of untouched beauty.
Sai Nuan 2, nestled under Koh Tao’s west coast hills, is a hidden gem. The cozy bay shaded by a coconut palm tree forest creates a tranquil atmosphere. There are few tourists, which allows you to enjoy this paradise almost to yourself. It’s perfect for a Koh Tao elopement! There’s a resort at Sai Nuan 2, but they allow outside visitors to bask in the beauty of their beach.
The fine white sand and shallow turquoise waters of Sai Nuan Beach make it a haven for peace-seekers like me. The first beach boasts a grassy area, a tree swing, and budget bungalow resorts scattered around with inviting hammocks. It’s a natural playground for kids, offering a laid-back vibe reminiscent of the early tourism days of Koh Tao.

Haad Sai Nuan Koh Tao

Snorkeling around the boulders near Sai Nuan Beach 2 is a must. There is a vibrant underwater world with orange spine unicornfish, batfish, and even green turtles. The entire area exudes a sense of calm, transporting me back to the island’s charm in the 80s and 90s when backpackers cherished it.
Accessing Sai Nuan Beach is part of the adventure. The 30-minute scenic walk from the main pier in Mae Haad offers breathtaking coastal views. I often find myself stopping to capture the beauty in photos. The journey feels like a step back in time, a break from the more developed beaches on Koh Tao.
Whether kayaking, snorkeling, or relaxing on the beach, Sai Nuan has become my go-to spot. The second beach, with its sandy bay and tall palm trees, is a perfect setting for unwinding and capturing beautiful moments. The entire area, including the route from Mae Haad, is like a nostalgic journey, reminding me of the laid-back island life from decades past.

From Christine and Stephan

Romantic Seaside Wedding Portraits in Thailand
We are really glad about picking Aidan as our wedding photographer. We couldn’t imagine better pictures. They are incredible. Although we aren’t Topmodels and often feel unphotogenic, Aidan just captured such of nice situations and moments, we never could imagine. We never regretted to have chosen Aidan as our photograph. He is such of a nice and caring person. We hope to see you again sometime.

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