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‘Stunning natural beauty, pristine beaches, and luxurious resorts on private islands.’ – Maldives Wedding Photographer Aidan Dockery

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As a Maldives wedding photographer, I have firsthand experience of the unique allure of this stunning destination.

Natural Beauty: The Maldives boasts pristine white sand beaches, clear blue seas, and vibrant coral reefs. All these create a picturesque setting for weddings.

Ideal Weather: The Maldives’ consistent tropical climate is perfect for weddings throughout the year.

Sunset Ceremonies: One of the most sought-after experiences is exchanging vows against a breathtaking sunset. This makes the ideal backdrop for wedding photographs.

Sunset Cruise Weddings: A popular choice for couples is a sunset cruise wedding. You can enjoy the stunning views of the Maldivian sunset from a boat.

Photographic Opportunities: As a photographer, I am inspired by the natural beauty of the Maldives. The magic of the surroundings creates amazing photo opportunities.

Exclusive Experiences: Many resorts in the Maldives offer personalized wedding packages and services. Couples have a seamless and memorable experience tailored to their preferences.

Cultural Influences: Traditional Maldivian elements and customs can be incorporated into wedding ceremonies. A cultural touch can be in your celebrations.

Destination Appeal: Beyond the wedding day, couples and guests can enjoy a range of activities. Snorkelling, diving, and exploring the rich marine life and local culture of the Maldives.

Memorable Moments: Every wedding I photograph in the Maldives involves natural beauty and cultural richness. Your Maldives wedding will be unforgettable!

The Best Resorts for a Maldives Wedding

bride and groom at their six senses kanuhura maldives wedding
Four Seasons Maldives at Kuda Huraa: Known for its unparalleled luxury and stunning tropical beauty, this resort provides an idyllic backdrop for a romantic beach wedding.

Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort and Spa: Nestled amidst lush vegetation and azure waters, this resort offers a tranquil and intimate setting for an intimate wedding ceremony.

One&Only Reethi Rah: With its pristine beaches and top-notch amenities, this resort guarantees a truly opulent and elegant wedding celebration.

Anantara Veli Maldives Resort: This resort is perfect for couples seeking a laid-back and romantic ambiance. The overwater bungalows and turquoise lagoons create a magical setting for exchanging vows.

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island: Known for its iconic underwater restaurant and stunning overwater villas, this resort offers a one-of-a-kind wedding experience that’s bound to be remembered forever.

Getting to The Maldives

six senses kanuhura maldives wedding photographer
Male International Airport serves as a hub for international flights from Europe, the Middle East, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and other regions, making it easily accessible for couples planning a wedding in the Maldives.

After arriving at Male Airport, you will need to take a sea plane or a speed boat to reach your chosen resort. The duration of the trip can vary from 45 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on the location of your resort in the beautiful Maldivian atolls.

Once you land at the airport in Male, you will be seamlessly transferred to your resort, either by a scenic sea plane flight or a comfortable speed boat ride, based on your prior arrangements with your travel agent or the resort itself.

This scenic transfer to your resort sets the tone for a magical experience as you embark on your journey to celebrate your special day in the enchanting paradise of the Maldives.

How to get married in the Maldives

signs at six senses kanuhura maldives wedding
A wedding in the Maldives between two foreign nationals is not legally binding, even though it’s a very real and beautiful experience. The picturesque ceremony and the perfect beach wedding dress create unforgettable moments, but it won’t be recognized as a legal marriage when you return home.

Many couples choose to have a legal wedding at home and then have a symbolic or ceremonial wedding in the Maldives. This way, they can still enjoy the magical experience of exchanging vows in such a stunning setting without compromising on the legal aspects.

While it may not be legally binding, a Maldives wedding is still an incredible and fantastic way to celebrate love and start your journey as a married couple. The beauty of the Maldives, the romance of the setting, and the memories created will remain cherished forever, making it a dream destination for many couples to say “I do.”

The Maldives are very flat

beach at six senses kanuhura maldives wedding
The Maldives is the world’s flattest country, with an average altitude of 1.8 meters above sea level. In comparison, its closest contender, Qatar, boasts an average elevation of 28 meters. A staggering 26.2 meters higher. The highest point in the country is a mere 2.3 meters, found on Villingili Island.

In 2009, the president of Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed, organized an underwater meeting of all cabinet ministers at the sea bed. He wanted to raise awareness about the oceans’ dangers and how humans are interfering with resources.

An intriguing historical fact about the Maldives is that an exiled Indian prince founded it. Around 270 BC, the kingdom of Kalinga sent a prince named Sri Soorudasaruna Adeettiya to govern the islands of Maldives as a form of punishment. He became the island’s first king, known as Dheeva Maari at the time, and established the Adeetta Dynasty.

Maldives White Sand

beach view at six senses kanuhura maldives wedding
Six Senses Kanuhura Maldives has pristine white sandy beaches. The sand’s unique characteristic arises from its composition of coralline particles. Coralline sand is rare, constituting only 5% of all beaches worldwide, making the Maldives’ beaches unique. The fine, powdery texture of the coralline sand adds to the allure of the Maldivian beaches.

The Maldives has gained recognition as one of the safest tourist destinations in the world. The unique geography of the Maldives isolates its islands from each other, contributing to its reputation for safety. The secluded nature of the islands provides a sense of privacy and security for travelers.

The Maldives, with its 26 atolls and 1190 islands, is a unique archipelago where ocean travel is a standard mode of transportation. These islands include 200 inhabitants, 110 for tourism and luxury purposes. Lhaviyani Atoll hosts Six Senses Kanuhura Maldives. Navigating the turquoise waters of the Maldives by boat is an integral part of the local lifestyle and tourism experience.

Maldives Turtles

flower at six senses kanuhura maldives wedding
The Maldives is a treasure trove of biological diversity, boasting a rich array of marine life. It is home to five out of the seven species of marine turtles found worldwide. The Maldives has various turtle species, including Olive Ridley, loggerhead, leatherback, green, and hawksbill turtles. The warm waters and rich marine life there are vital for these fantastic creatures.

Cowry shells, used as currency in the past, hold historical significance in the Maldives. In the olden days, locals recognized the importance of using these small, glossy shells as currency. Cowry shells feature on modern currency bills and coins in the Maldives. Maldivians value their heritage and treasure cowry shells in their traditional currency.

The Maldives is famous for having the world’s largest population of whale sharks. These majestic creatures swim near popular spots like Sun Island, Rangali Island, and Hanifaru Bay. They have also appeared near Six Senses Kanuhura Maldives.

Maldives Coconut Trees

seaplane landing at six senses kanuhura maldives wedding
The coconut tree holds special significance in the Maldives and is often used as a symbol to represent the nation. Coconut trees are grown across the islands of the Maldives and are an integral part of the local culture and lifestyle. The towering palm trees provide much-needed shade on the sandy beaches for locals and tourists alike.

Coconuts also offer a valuable source of wood for building traditional Maldivian boats known as dhonis. Constructors use solid and durable wood from coconut trees to construct these iconic boats. Maldivians have used for centuries for fishing, transportation, and trade in the Indian Ocean.

Due to its proximity to the equator, the Maldives receives sunlight at a 90-degree angle. This geographic location results in abundant sunlight throughout the year.