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Tol & Sophi | Knai Bang Chatt Wedding in Thmey Village Kep

Knai Bang Chatt Thmey Village Kep

Sophie and Christol had their wedding at the beautiful Knai Bang Chatt in Thmey Village, Kep, Cambodia. The long-term residents of Phnom Penh invited me to capture their Cambodia celebrations at Kep’s premier resort.

Knai Bang Chatt Resort Kep

Knai Bang Chatt, also known as Knai Bang Chatt Resort, is in Thmey village, Sangkat Prey Thom, Kep municipality, Kep province, Cambodia. Established during the French colonial era, Kep was once the premier seaside destination in Cambodia. Kep earned the nickname “the St. Tropez of Southeast Asia.”
Knai Bang Chatt collaborated with French architect Francoise Lavielle to restore colonial villas. This seaside resort offers a glimpse into Southeast Asia’s past, with modernist architecture and sea views.

Kep Town Cambodia

Ten minutes from the town center, Knai Bang Chatt provides a peaceful retreat near Kep’s famous crab market. The area remains undiscovered, with expansive sea views and insights into Cambodian life.
Local restaurants and a crab processing area nearby add to the authentic experience. Further along the coast, Kep town boasts ruined villas with beautiful sunset views.
A 20-minute drive takes you to Kampot, where you can experience a revival of colonial buildings. A bit farther away, the Bokor Hill Station, built in the 1920s, offers a historical visit and is undergoing redevelopment in the high country.

From Sophie & Christol

Knai Bang Chatt Kep Wedding Cambodia Aidan Dockery Photography
Thank you soooooooo much!!! What an amazing surprise this morning, the pictures are so great! I love them all already!!!! I’d like to congratulate one more time, you really are a very fine photographer :-)))))

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