Vi & Ant | Château de Seguin Gironde Bordeaux Wedding

Château de Seguin Gironde Bordeaux Wedding

Vi & Ant’s Bordeaux wedding at the beautifully renovated Château de Seguin in Gironde Bordeaux France.
Hailing from Zimbabwe & Scotland, Vi & Ant’s wedding was a multicultural mix with lots of singing, dancing, and of course, wine! I absolutely loved this wedding. The vibe, music, colors, dancing, and of course the people. Easily one of my favorite weddings of the year!

Château de Seguin Bordeaux

The Château de Seguin estate spans an impressive 427 acres, with 235 acres dedicated to vineyards. Its current form, featuring two striking towers and long winery buildings, was built in 1780. However, the history of Château de Seguin dates back a thousand years earlier to 780, when it was associated with the Count of Seguin, an Administrator of Emperor Charlemagne.
This land has a noble past, with a long-standing commitment to agriculture, livestock, and winemaking evident in the numerous buildings on the property. Of the total acreage, 235 acres are carefully planted with vines that produce wines within the prestigious Bordeaux Supérieur and Crémant de Bordeaux appellations, accounting for 4% of the estate’s production.
The terroir of Château de Seguin is characterized by a diverse range of soils, typical of the wine geology found in the Entre Deux Mers region. The slopes, which are naturally well-drained and sun-drenched, feature clayey-calcareous soils with a rocky subsoil. These heavier clay soils provide the ideal conditions for Merlot to express its full potential. In contrast, the warmer and lighter soils, such as sandy or rocky soils, promote optimal ripening of Cabernet grapes, adding complexity to the wines produced on the estate.

Wedding Venues in Bordeaux

Bordeaux, renowned as the world’s largest urban UNESCO World Heritage Site and the sixth largest city in France, boasts a captivating blend of 18th-century and modern architecture, complemented by a vibrant urban street life. The city is also blessed with the scenic River Garonne meandering through its heart and is surrounded by lush, sun-drenched vineyards, making it a perfect wedding destination that combines the allure of waterfront charm with picturesque countryside and exquisite gastronomy.
Couples seeking a romantic and unique wedding experience can find alluring venues in Bordeaux that offer a captivating mix of history, culture, and natural beauty. From grand châteaux nestled amidst vineyards to elegant mansions in the heart of the city, Bordeaux offers an array of options for a dream wedding celebration. The combination of beautiful architecture, stunning scenery, and delectable food and wine make Bordeaux an ideal location for couples looking to create unforgettable memories on their special day.

Chateau Peyronnet

Nestled within picturesque surroundings, Chateau Peyronnet is a stunning 18th-century estate showcasing exquisite neoclassical architecture. Its ambiance is one of relaxed comfort while exuding an air of refined elegance. This exclusive venue offers the option to hire the entire estate for a weekend, providing an enchanting setting for a wedding celebration.
The centerpiece of Chateau Peyronnet is its majestic Salle de Fresques, a grand hall where up to 150 guests can enjoy a sit-down dinner. From here, breathtaking views of the charming courtyard create a truly memorable atmosphere. The estate also boasts a beautifully listed chapel, adding a touch of historical charm to the wedding festivities.
Surrounded by the natural beauty of the region, Chateau Peyronnet offers additional leisure activities for guests to indulge in during their stay. A nearby golf course and nautical activities in the surrounding area provide ample opportunities for outdoor recreation, making the celebration truly unforgettable for everyone involved.

Chateau Grattequina,

Chateau Grattequina, located in close proximity to Bordeaux, is a stunning wedding venue set in a beautifully renovated park overlooking the river. Its exquisite architecture both inside and out adds to the allure of this enchanting location. One of the unique features of Chateau Grattequina is the option to arrive at your wedding ceremony on their 12-passenger boat, along with your groomsmen and bridesmaids. For an extra touch of luxury, you can even have all your guests arrive by boat, thanks to their private dock.
The venue offers various options for your wedding celebration. You can start with a cocktail reception on the terrace facing the river, followed by dinner and dancing either in the Pavilion or outdoors in the grounds of the chateau, accommodating up to 250 guests. Alternatively, if you choose to exclusively hire the entire venue and hotel, you can host a dinner for up to 350 guests in the main hall. Additionally, Chateau Grattequina provides a separate room for babysitting services, making it convenient for families with young children. The Pavilion can also be hired the next day for a relaxed brunch or lunch, offering a seamless and convenient experience for your guests.
Chateau Grattequina promises an unforgettable wedding experience with its picturesque location, elegant facilities, and attentive service. The opportunity to arrive by boat and the flexibility in hosting various events on-site make it a truly unique and memorable choice for your special day.

Chateau Mader

Chateau Mader is a prestigious wedding venue located in a large flowered park near the Bassin d’Arcachon, offering a seamless blend of traditional and modern elements. The chateau is fully air-conditioned and features a sound system that runs through both the lounge and the gardens, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for your guests. The venue can accommodate up to 150 guests for a sit-down dinner outside or 100 guests inside in their elegant lounges.
The garden at Chateau Mader is a highlight, featuring a beautiful flower pavilion, a cocktail area, a lawn for a tent, and a sea-view terrace, providing ample space for various wedding activities. The venue also offers an in-house event manager who will work closely with you to accommodate your specific needs and preferences, ensuring a smooth and successful wedding celebration.
With its beautiful surroundings, modern facilities, and attentive service, Chateau Mader offers a unique and memorable wedding experience for couples seeking a blend of traditional and contemporary elements for their special day. Your guests will surely be enchanted by the charm and elegance of this prestigious chateau.

Chateau Gassies

Chateau Gassies is a picturesque wedding venue nestled in a clearing surrounded by old oak trees and 14 hectares of beautiful land. Despite its rural setting, it is conveniently located just an hour’s flight from Gatwick, making it easily accessible for guests coming from the UK. The venue offers a serene and idyllic location for your wedding ceremony, with options to exchange vows in the middle of the park or under the arched windows of the 19th-century covered courtyard, creating a romantic atmosphere.
After the ceremony, you can enjoy cocktails on the West terrace of the castle, taking in the stunning surroundings. For dinner, Chateau Gassies boasts an impressive reception room adorned with chandeliers and antique mirrors, providing an elegant setting for a memorable dining experience. The venue also offers a range of suites and cottages where up to 43 guests can stay, ensuring a comfortable and convenient accommodation option for your wedding party.
The rural charm, elegant reception room, and ample amenities make Chateau Gassies a perfect wedding venue for couples seeking a serene and picturesque setting for their special day. With its convenient location and range of facilities, Chateau Gassies offers a truly memorable experience for you and your guests.

Chateau de la Valouze

Chateau de la Valouze is a truly unique and historically rich wedding venue with a fascinating background. Previously owned by a patron of the arts who supported renowned Impressionist artists such as Monet, Degas, Manet, and Renoir, the chateau boasts an impressive heritage. Set within 34 hectares of parkland, it provides a stunning backdrop for all aspects of your wedding day.
One of the standout features of Chateau de la Valouze is that it can be exclusively hired for a minimum of 2 nights, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty and ambiance of the estate. The venue offers ample accommodation options, with the capacity to sleep up to 61 guests within the chateau and its surrounding buildings. This makes it an ideal option for hosting not only your wedding ceremony and reception but also for accommodating your guests for a memorable wedding weekend.
The parkland surrounding the chateau provides a picturesque setting for outdoor ceremonies, cocktail receptions, and other wedding festivities. The historic charm and elegance of the chateau itself offer a unique and romantic atmosphere for your special day. With its rich artistic history and stunning surroundings, Chateau de la Valouze is sure to create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Chateau Sentout

Chateau Sentout offers a serene and picturesque setting for your wedding day, nestled on a hill overlooking the Garonne valley and surrounded by 15 acres of lawns and grasslands. The venue features a charming chapel where you can hold your wedding ceremony or blessing, followed by a reception under the illuminated arches of the Roseraie or the stone columns of the veranda.
With a maximum capacity of 50 guests, Chateau Sentout is ideal for intimate weddings, providing an exclusive and secluded atmosphere for your special day. The venue offers 22 ensuite bedrooms spread across 7 houses in the main courtyard, creating a unique wedding village experience for you and your guests. This allows you to comfortably accommodate your wedding party and create a sense of togetherness throughout the celebration.
If you’re seeking a peaceful and intimate wedding venue with a touch of rustic charm, Chateau Sentout offers a picturesque setting and comfortable accommodations for your special day. The chapel, Roseraie, and veranda provide stunning backdrops for your ceremony and reception, while the spacious grounds and ensuite bedrooms make it a perfect wedding village for your guests to enjoy.

Chateau Lagorce

Chateau Lagorce offers a magical and enchanting setting for your wedding day, surrounded by ancient woodland, a private lake, and beautiful gardens. The fairytale-like venue is perfect for creating unforgettable memories on your special day.
With the option to dine with up to 150 guests under the stars on the terrace or in the elegant Dining Room featuring stunning paneling and a Louis XIV-style fireplace, Chateau Lagorce provides a picturesque backdrop for your wedding reception. The terrace offers a romantic and scenic setting for an outdoor celebration, while the Dining Room provides a classic and refined atmosphere for an indoor reception.
The private lake, ancient woodland, and beautiful gardens offer endless opportunities for stunning wedding photos and romantic moments. Chateau Lagorce provides a truly fairytale setting that will captivate you and your guests, creating a memorable and magical wedding day.

Chateau De Mirambeau

Chateau De Mirambeau is a Renaissance architectural gem and a luxurious 5* hotel located at the crossroads of the renowned vineyards of Cognac and Bordeaux. With its stunning surroundings and elegant amenities, it offers a picturesque and sophisticated setting for your wedding day. For your ceremony, you have multiple options at Chateau De Mirambeau. You can choose to exchange your vows in the small on-site church, adding a touch of historical charm to your special day. Alternatively, you can opt for a romantic outdoor ceremony under the shade of an ancient oak tree or a charming pergola in the park, creating a memorable and picturesque backdrop for your nuptials.
After the ceremony, you and your guests can enjoy cocktails in one of the castle’s grand halls, providing a regal ambiance and a perfect setting for mingling and celebrating. For your reception, you have the choice of hosting a dinner either in the castle’s restaurant or at the Jardin d’hiver, an indoor veranda that offers breathtaking views of the park and estuary. Additionally, you can also opt to have your wedding reception outdoors, either in the Court of Honor of the castle or in the beautiful park, surrounded by nature’s splendor.
Chateau De Mirambeau offers exceptional facilities and services to ensure a truly memorable wedding experience. The castle’s elegant architecture, lush park, and scenic views provide an enchanting atmosphere for your special day. With its luxurious amenities and impeccable service, Chateau De Mirambeau is a perfect choice for a sophisticated and unforgettable wedding celebration.

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We received your photos this morning and love them. Your work is amazing and thank you so much for doing such a fantastic job!! We have shown all the family already and they love them. Once again thank you so much for taking such beautiful photos, it really captured the day!! You have an amazing talent and such a creative eye!! We were completely blown away!!

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