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Viv & Anna | Viet Hoa Cafe & Mess Shoreditch

Viet Hoa Cafe & Mess Shoreditch Wedding

Anna & Viv married at St Peter’s Bethnal Green before their wedding reception at Viet Hoa Cafe & Mess in Shoreditch, East London.
St Peter’s Bethnal Green is a stunning 19th-century church in Bethnal Green, London, England. Built as a commissioners’ church in 1840, this architectural gem remains a testament to the grandeur of its era. Next to the church, you’ll find the charming Vicarage and a historic church school. These remarkable buildings are Grade II listed, preserving their legacy for generations.
Their London wedding was unforgettable because all the participants were long-time family friends. Following their beautiful ceremony, we took a short trip to Viet Hoa Cafe & Mess, where the celebration continued!

Viet Hoa Cafe & Mess

Founded by Quyen and Hiền, Việt Hoa opened as a small canteen providing refugees with affordable, authentic Vietnamese food. Their patrons were Vietnamese expatriates, but they soon attracted the attention of Shoreditch. Before long, Việt Hoa became the preferred spot for those seeking genuine Vietnamese cuisine.
As Việt Hoa’s reputation grew, long lines formed outside the shop and neighbouring businesses arised. This led to the now-famous “Pho Mile,” with Việt Hoa at the forefront, introducing these unique flavours to London.
Việt Hoa features a Vietnamese café adorned with natural wood decor and a stone basement that serves as a cook-your-own barbecue restaurant. The upstairs café offers simple yet flavorful dishes, while the downstairs “mess” invites diners to cook their food. With all the Vietnamese restaurants on Kingsland Road, Việt Hoa distinguishes itself with its authentic dishes.

From Viv & Anna

St Peters Bethnal Green and Viet Hoa Cafe & Mess London Wedding
We just sat down to enjoy our wedding again, through your lens. Thank you so much for capturing our special day, and being such a beautiful presence on the day. We are so thankful for your skill and artistry.

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