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A Coconut Story | Ben Tre Mekong Delta

Ben Tre Coconuts Mekong Delta Vietnam

The story of coconuts in Ben Tre province in the Mekong Delta in Southern Vietnam. From the farmers trees to the shops. Photographed for SNV Netherlands Development Organisation.
SNV, founded in the Netherlands in 1965, is a global development partner driven by a strong mission. Aligned with the principles and aims of the Sustainable Development Goals, SNV is dedicated to fostering robust agri-food systems that ensure food security, enhancing the accessibility and dependability of water and sanitation, and advancing access to affordable and sustainable energy.


In the coconut gardens of Ben Tre, small family farmers have cultivated coconuts for generations. Their long-term experience has resulted in coconuts of higher productivity and quality compared to other regions. These farmers combine organic farming methods taught by Betrimex to ensure sustainable development and create top-quality coconuts.
Harvesting only the fruits that have matured for 11-12 months, Betrimex utilizes the peak nutrient content and exquisite taste of Ben Tre coconuts in their production process. Together, these farmers and Betrimex preserve the legacy of Ben Tre coconuts, blending tradition with innovation for remarkable results.


Once the coconuts are harvested, they embark on a fascinating journey through the factory’s material processing area. Here, they undergo a series of meticulous steps to transform them into a variety of coconut-based products. Skilled workers take charge of the next step, peeling off the coconut’s outer husk to reveal its hidden treasures.
With the coconuts now bare, the skilled workers skillfully drill a small hole into each one, strategically designed to extract the precious coconut water without letting it escape too quickly. This swift drilling technique ensures that the water remains intact while also minimizing any unwanted residue, surpassing the capabilities of manual labor.
The coconut water, now collected, embarks on its own adventure. It is carefully channeled through a sophisticated filter system equipped with three layers. This filtration process meticulously eliminates any lingering residue or dust, leaving behind pure, pristine coconut water that is primed for further production.


The production stages at the company undergo strict inspections to ensure compliance with standards set by the R&D department. These inspections cover various aspects, including mixing techniques, temperature control, and machine operation. By adhering to these standards, the company maintains high-quality production processes.
The company’s storage area consists of approximately 5,000 m2 of shelves, accommodating more than 4,000 pallets. With such capacity, the company can store up to 3 million liters of final products. This ample storage space allows for efficient management of inventory and ensures that the products are readily available for distribution.

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