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Gemma & Chris | Clearwell Castle Wedding Forest of Dean

Clearwell Castle Wedding Forest of Dean

Gemma & Chris’s beautiful fairytale wedding at Clearwell Castle, a hidden gem in the stunning Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, UK.
In the breathtaking Forest of Dean, Clearwell Castle offers an enchanting setting for a fairytale castle wedding. With its grand reception rooms, this multi-award-winning venue is a traditional country manor.

Clearwell Castle

Constructed in 1727, Clearwell Castle is the earliest example of a Georgian Gothic Revival castle in England. This Gothic Revival house in Clearwell, Gloucestershire, boasts a rich history and is a Grade II* listed building.
Surrounded by 20 acres of picturesque grounds, Clearwell Castle presents a dreamy castle. Immerse yourself in the romantic ambiance of the Forest of Dean as you celebrate your special day at this extraordinary venue.
The magnificent facade of Clearwell Castle offers breathtaking backdrops for picture-perfect photos. Despite its elegance and grandeur, this venue exudes warmth and welcomes you with open arms.

St Peter's Church Clearwell

Situated next to Clearwell Castle, St Peter’s Church holds a lovely position that complements the village. The Dowager Countess of Dunraven commissioned the church upon her return to Clearwell Court in 1855.
Under the guidance of architect John Middleton in 1863, construction of the church commenced. It replaced an older church from 1828, which stood on the site of the Clearwell Cemetery Chapel.
The church is a splendid example of the mid-19th-century “French Gothic” style. Its exquisite design features intricate stone carvings and a stunning stenciled roof. The chancel boasts stained glass windows created by Hardman. Additionally, the ornate organ, crafted by Telford of Dublin, renowned as Ireland’s master organ builder, adds to the church’s allure.
Enhancing its appeal, St Peter’s Church showcases an impressive avenue of yew trees. Its proximity to Clearwell Castle contributes to its popularity as a sought-after wedding venue.

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