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Islington Metal Works London Wedding Photographer

Islington Metal Works London Wedding Photographer

The Islington Metalworks is a unique wedding venue near Angel Station. This old factory, built in the late 1800s, has a charming historical vibe and a captivating history.
Built as stables for London’s tram horses, this iconic space now serves as a unique wedding venue. In 1925, the venue transformed into a thriving metal works, a legacy that continues to thrive. The hardworking artisans in this building have kept the tradition alive, so this part of the business continues.
The Islington Metalworks has, over time, restored and created captivating spaces. Every corner will envelop you with a sense of history and character from the moment you step inside.

Islington Metal Works

You can use the versatile venue for weddings, club nights, gigs, exhibitions, fashion shows, and corporate parties. Its unique appeal attracts the film industry, which uses it as a backdrop for many productions.
Experience the captivating atmosphere at Islington Metalworks, where history and celebration come together. Behind its unassuming exterior lies a world of enchantment, ready to bring your wedding dreams to life. The venues are very close to each other, making them an excellent choice for a fun wedding in North London.

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