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Clevedon Hall Wedding Photographer

Clevedon Hall Wedding Photographer

As a wedding photographer, Clevedon Hall is an absolute dream venue. Nestled in the serene landscapes of North Somerset, Clevedon Hall is a Grade II* listed mansion.
Stepping onto the grounds of Clevedon Hall is like being in time for a bygone era. The house was built in 1852 and has a Jacobean Revival style with a symmetrical front. As you admire the imported interior features from Leigh Court, you can see the meticulous attention to detail. It adds a touch of splendor to every corner.
As you approach the magnificent building, the ornate stone fountain stands proudly. In Greek Revival style, it depicts a graceful female figure surrounded by intricate angels, lions, and dolphins reliefs. The fountain becomes a focal point for capturing breathtaking moments of joy and romance.

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Clevedon Hall’s charm is enhanced by the gate lodge and outbuildings, which are designed in the Jacobean style. Tall chimneys and a pantile roof adorn the lodge, evoking a sense of charm and warmth. A strong stone wall with square supports surrounds the property, giving it security and privacy.
Clevedon Hall is a perfect place for photographers to capture love in many different ways. During the winter months, the elegant interior creates a perfect setting for magical weddings. The warm ambiance invites guests to indulge in wining, dining, and dancing, creating memories that will last a lifetime.
Clevedon Hall transforms into a magical wonderland as the summer sun bathes the grounds in its golden light. The beautiful gardens have terraces, a charming fountain, wide lawns, and a pretty lake. This beautiful place is perfect for weddings, stunning photos, and outdoor meals. The pavilion becomes a romantic haven, and the expansive lawns invite laughter, fun, and games for all ages. At night, Clevedon Hall sparkles with firework displays, making the day even more magical.
For a wedding photographer, Clevedon Hall is not merely a venue but a place where dreams come true. The beautiful architecture and surroundings make the perfect stage for capturing love, joy, and romance.

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