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Kerryn & Shaun | Kupu Kupu Phangan Beach Wedding in Thailand

Kupu Kupu Phangan Beach Wedding in Thailand

Kerryn and Shaun celebrated their Thailand wedding at Kupu Kupu Phangan, a stunning resort on Naiwok beach.
The luxurious Kupu Kupu Phangan Beach Villas & Spa by L’Occitane is a Balinese-inspired haven named after the butterfly. Kupu Kupu symbolizes beauty, culture, art, and design.
Nestled near Naiwok Beach’s white sands, the resort offers a private beach, making it a perfect wedding destination.

Nai Wok Beach Koh Phangan

Nai Wok is a narrow beach connecting to Thongsala, the island’s main port town. A 15-minute walk from most resorts, it offers easy access to Thongsala’s amenities, making it popular for those arriving by boat. Thongsala boasts the best shops, bars, and restaurants on the island.
Stretching 500 meters along Thongsala, Nai Wok features a sandy yet narrow middle section and rocky northern shores. Despite its proximity to Thongsala, it’s one of Koh Phangan’s better beaches, with a coral reef making snorkeling possible. Swimming is ideal from November to April.

Nai Wok Beach Activities

Two established Muay Thai gyms along the main road, Diamond Muay Thai and Muay Thai Chinnarach, offer training for all levels. Joining a gym provides a cultural experience and a great workout, with opportunities to take part in fight nights.
SL2KAdventure, based at Baan Manali Resort, offers windsurfing, best between June and November. They also provide stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) with shallow, flat waters due to offshore corals.
The Monte Vista Retreat Centre, now Yoga Veda Institute, located in the hills behind Nai Wok, offers yoga and Ayurvedic medicine. They provide training courses suitable for budget-conscious individuals keen on yoga qualifications.

Nai Wok Beach

Nai Wok has a few bars and restaurants, with the Mason’s Arms standing out as a traditional English pub. Other notable spots include Beck’s Beach Bar and Kokomo’s Kitchen at Baan Manali Resort.
Koh Tae Nai and Koh Tae Nok are beautiful sights from Nai Wok. Koh Samui is even visible in the distance and only enhances the sunset views for your wedding day.

From Kerryn & Shaun

Breathtaking beach wedding ceremony at Kupu Kupu Resort, Koh Phangan, Thailand
Thanks so much for the photos! We love them… So many magic little moments captured forever. You are a very talented guy, and it was a pleasure having you at the Wedding.

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