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Edmond & Richard | The Sukhothai Bangkok Hotel Wedding

The Sukhothai Bangkok Hotel Wedding

Edmond & Richard traveled from London for their beautiful wedding at The Sukhothai Bangkok Thailand. Their pre-wedding party was at the stunning Vertigo/Moon Bar Banyan Tree Bangkok.
The Sukhothai Bangkok is perfect for a wedding at its elegant urban oasis in the heart of the city. The Courtyard Garden hosted their wedding ceremony. I love the green outdoor spaces which are perfect for pre-wedding pictures. They held their wedding reception in The Ballroom at the Sukhothai, which is beautiful for a wedding.
The Sukhothai Bangkok draws inspiration from the ancient Sukhothai Kingdom. Its beauty and distinctive architecture make this region in Thailand well-known. The hotel’s design reflects the city’s palaces, with bronze, teakwood, and marble. The décor pays homage to Sukhothai’s elegance, mirroring its golden age. I love the history and elegance of Sukhothai at this famous wedding venue in Bangkok.

Historic Town of Sukhothai

The Sukhothai Kingdom created Sukhothai in 1238. Sukhothai shaped Thai culture. Ramkhamhaeng the Great, the third ruler, developed the capital and created the Thai alphabet. The UNESCO-listed Sukhothai Historical Park features restored temples and monuments.
The Kingdom of Sukhothai, under King Ramkhamhaeng, contributed to Siamese (Thai) culture. Sukhothai was the capital of the first Kingdom of Siam during the 13th and 14th centuries. It featured the unique ‘Sukhothai style’ in architecture and art. The region absorbed various influences, forging a distinctive cultural identity.
Temples and monasteries have sculptures, wall paintings, and decorations in the Sukhothai style. Stone inscriptions at the sites reveal the economy, religion, and governance of the Sukhothai Kingdom. These inscriptions are the earliest examples of Thai writing.

Sukhothai Historical Park

Sukhothai Historical Park is 14 kilometers west of New Sukhothai. It was the historic capital of the Sukhothai Kingdom from 1238 to 1438. This park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has well-preserved ruins from the Sukhothai era. The ruins show the architectural grandeur.
The park comprises 193 ruins over an expansive 70 square kilometers. The central zone has been restored, but the others still have untouched ruins that visitors find charming.
The chedis in Sukhothai Historical Park are classic and have a lotus-bud shape. They are architectural marvels with a spire on top of a square structure on a three-tiered base. This distinctive style epitomizes the artistic and cultural heritage of the Sukhothai Kingdom. Besides the lotus-bud chedis, the park also has other architectural forms from that time. The Sinhalese have bell-shaped structures. The Srivijaya chedis are double-tiered. Both are important to history and art.
The park serves as a testament to the historical significance of the Sukhothai Kingdom. Sukhothai Historical Park is one of Thailand’s most remarkable World Heritage sites.

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Romantic Wedding Portraits at Sukhothai Bangkok Hotel Thailand
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