3 Best Sapa Wedding Venues Vietnam

groom relaxing at topas ecolodge sapa wedding in vietnam

3 Best Sapa Wedding Venues Vietnam

Although not a conventional option for a Vietnam wedding, Sapa has become home to some extraordinary venues with stunning backdrops. Once a tranquil marketplace, Sapa has transformed into a bustling, vibrant, and delightful destination that offers a serene escape amidst the mountains.
To help when deciding on a wedding venue, these are the top three venues where I have captured Sapa Weddings.
groom relaxing at topas ecolodge sapa wedding in vietnam

Topas Ecolodge

Topas Ecolodge is a charming and secluded eco-friendly lodge that sits atop a picturesque hill in the Hoang Lien National Park. Located just 45 minutes outside of the bustling town of Sapa, Vietnam, this lodge offers an idyllic and peaceful retreat for those seeking a break from the chaos of city life. One of the unique features of Topas Ecolodge is its location, which is ideal for exploring the Hoang Lien National Park before your Sapa Wedding..
Topas, a Danish travel company, established and managed the ecolodge. Their foray into Vietnam started in 1993, working in Sapa even before international tours in the region were prevalent. The bungalows in the lodge were constructed using indigenous materials, and renewable energy sources were utilized, reflecting the company’s commitment to sustainability and environmental preservation.
I have taken photographs at this resort several times, and every visit never ceases to amaze me with its breathtaking beauty and the spectacular scenery surrounding it. Additionally, the food served is exceptional, ideal for any Sapa Wedding!
bride and groom look at the mountains at their sapa wedding in vietnam

MGallery Hotel de la Coupole

MGallery Hotel de la Coupole is a luxury hotel located in the Sapa region of northern Vietnam. The hotel is known for its unique blend of French haute couture and vibrant Vietnamese textures, creating a luxurious atmosphere that transports guests back to the distinctive French Indochina period of the 1920s and 1930s.
An enchanting mix of haute couture and hill tribe style at Hotel de la Coupole where we bring you the nostalgia for the French Indochine era. The hotel’s design is heavily inspired by the surrounding landscape, with its mountains, rice paddies, and traditional hill tribe villages. The interiors feature intricate patterns and textiles, such as Hmong embroidery and silk, which are sourced from local artisans and craftsmen.
I enjoy the central location which means we can incorporate the market town into your photoshoot. MGallery Hotel de la Coupole is indeed located in the heart of Sapa town, which makes it convenient for guests who want to explore the area on foot. The hotel is just a short walk away from local markets, shops, restaurants, and tourist attractions, making it an ideal base for those who want to experience the local culture and way of life.
views of sapa wedding photography in vietnam

Laxsik Ecolodge

Laxsik Ecolodge is a recently established accommodation facility that offers a unique and breathtaking experience to its guests. Situated just outside the town of SaPa, which is a popular tourist destination in northwestern Vietnam, the lodge is surrounded by stunning mountain ranges and overlooks a nearby river, providing its guests with unparalleled views of the natural beauty of the region.
The lodge is designed with sustainability in mind and is constructed with eco-friendly materials. It has a rustic charm that blends seamlessly with the surrounding environment. The rooms are spacious and tastefully furnished, providing guests with a comfortable and relaxing environment. The lodge has a variety of rooms to suit different needs, including family rooms and deluxe rooms with balconies.
They named our restaurant Muong Hoa not only because Laxsik sits on the slope of Muong Hoa Valley but it was also the name of the first hotel run by Vietnamese in Sapa. I’ve taken pictures there only once, but I was greatly impressed with the location and amazing views, the perfect backdrop for your Sapa wedding!



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