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The Compton Gallery Cotswold Wedding

The Compton Gallery is a distinctive space and event venue located in the heart of the Cotswolds, UK. It was founded by Jane Slemeck, an interior designer, who seamlessly blends her passion for diverse design, exquisite cuisine, and a lifelong adoration of the Art World.
Although the primary focus of the venue is art, it also provides the opportunity to host exclusive wedding receptions, granting only a fortunate few couples the privilege of hosting their weddings here each year.
Alice and Myles celebrated their wedding ceremony at the picturesque St. Michael’s Church in Dowdeswell. Following the heartfelt vows, they made their way to the breathtaking Compton Gallery in Cassey Compton. The gallery’s stunning surroundings served as the perfect backdrop for their celebration, enhanced further by the addition of a captivating marquee elegantly arranged within the grounds. .

St Michael's Church Dowdeswell

St. Michael’s Church Dowdeswell is a historic and picturesque place of worship located in the village of Dowdeswell, Gloucestershire. Nestled amidst the serene countryside, this charming church holds great significance for both the local community and visitors who appreciate its rich history and architectural beauty.
The origins of St. Michael’s Church can be traced back to the 12th century. The building features a unique combination of Norman, Gothic, and Perpendicular architectural elements, creating a visually captivating structure that stands out in the peaceful surroundings.

The Compton Gallery

Nestled in a picturesque Cotswold valley, The Compton Gallery presents an unparalleled party venue that exudes a rich historical ambiance and is adorned with captivating artworks, creating a captivating and sociable setting for any event.
The renowned art gallery and wedding venue situated in Cotswold seamlessly combines the allure of the English countryside with contemporary and fashionable art. The Compton Gallery stands out as a truly exceptional location for couples seeking a distinct wedding experience, and its limited availability for weddings each year adds to its exclusivity, making it one of the most sought-after venues for a Cotswold wedding.
When it comes to catering, The Compton Gallery prides itself on delivering cuisine of the utmost quality, utilizing locally sourced, fresh ingredients whenever possible. The selected chefs boast an impressive portfolio, catering to esteemed events throughout the Cotswolds.

Cassey Compton House

The gardens at Cassey Compton predominantly consist of expansive grassy areas, accompanied by rows of yew trees that line the parallel banks adjacent to the house. The garden’s solid enclosing structure dates back to the 17th century and still retains traces of its original layout. Several features such as canals, a road bridge, stone piers adorned with intricately carved vase finials (some of which have been relocated), certain boundary walls, and a ha-ha are still preserved.
The house enjoys a magnificent setting, with yew trees flanking it on parallel banks, while offering a picturesque view of meadowlands stretching towards Chedworth and the hills above. The gardens were initially designed in the formal 17th-century style, as depicted by Kip in the early 18th century. Although the parterres and formal garden areas have vanished over time, the surrounding solid structure remains intact with minor modifications.
The gardens themselves have been reduced to simple grassy spaces, yet the original layout is still discernible through earthworks. The canals, road bridge, stone piers with carved vase finials (some of which have been relocated), certain boundary walls, and the ha-ha still exist. Some alterations have been made to the entrance and the garden behind the house, but these changes have not affected the original area of the formal garden. The bowling green now accommodates hay barns, but the banks and yew trees on two sides remain, along with a section of the boundary wall.

Cassey Family

Originally, the Manor and its lands belonged to the Cassey family, who had a mansion there. Around 1608, Thomas Rich (later of North Cerney) likely resided in the house, and he continued to live there until 1623. By 1636, the estate had passed into the ownership of John Howe, who married Bridget, the daughter of Thomas Rich of North Cerney. John Howe, who served as a Member of Parliament for Gloucestershire and was bestowed a baronetcy in 1660, passed away in 1670. His second son, John Grubham Howe, inherited the estate and died by 1682. The widow, Lady Annabell Howe, passed it on to Richard Howe, her husband’s nephew, before 1701. Richard Howe succeeded to the family baronetcy in 1703 and was likely responsible for modifying and rebuilding the old manor house.
According to Atkyns (1712), “He hath built a large new house with delightful gardens and pleasant river running through them, with an agreeable prospect on large wood and on a Park of great extent.” Sir Richard passed away in 1730, leaving Cassey Compton to his wife Mary, with reversion to his relative John Howe of Stowell Park, later becoming the first Lord Chedworth and a grandson of John Grubham Howe. Mary passed away in 1735, and the property subsequently transformed into a farmhouse.
By 1819, the house had significantly diminished in size, with only the north wing and part of the central block remaining. The farmhouse remained under the ownership of the Stowell Estate, changing hands through various proprietors. In 1923, the Stowell Estate was divided, and Cassey Compton was sold to Professor (Sir) William Somerville in 1927. It was later sold again in 1998. The sale particulars from 1923 mentioned the presence of a kitchen garden featuring a sundial carved into the wall, a flower garden, and a pasture orchard. The bridge spanning the River Coln led to a grassy area enclosed by a wall, flanked by two stone columns surmounted by stone vases at either end.

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