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‘Beautiful countryside, charming villages, and historic venues in an idyllic setting.’ – Cotswolds Wedding Photographer Aidan Dockery

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Cotswold Weddings

The Cotswolds has gained a global reputation for housing some of the most breathtakingly beautiful wedding venues one can find. Whether it’s elegant manor houses or charmingly quirky barns, we have curated a collection of the most esteemed locations.

No matter which venue you choose, rest assured that your Cotswolds wedding will be an enchanting dream come true.

Cotswold Wedding Venues

Old Gore by Yard Space Cotswold Wedding Aidan Dockery Photography
Some of my favourite Cotswold Wedding Venues I have photographed at include Caswell House, Old Gore by Yard Space, Clearwell Castle, Stone Barn, Kingscote Barn & The Compton Gallery in Casey Compton House.