How to Get Legally Married in Thailand

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Getting Legally Married in Paradise

Planning a Thailand wedding can be a breeze with a little help from an agent. They can provide an all-in service, handle the tricky stuff, and speed up the process greatly. However, hiring an agent comes with a cost of around 16,000 – 18,000 THB (around £400-450). If you have time and patience, it’s also possible to go the DIY route, saving you a lot of money.
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Thailand Marriage Documents

As a non-Thai, you’ll need embassy documents such as an affirmation of marriage and a passport. It’s also helpful to have a Thai friend on hand for assistance in navigating the bureaucracy. Note that marriage registration and ceremony in Thailand are generally separate and only recognized for opposite-sex couples.
Trustworthy agents, such as Jit from Legally Married in Thailand, have a reputation to maintain and will ensure the legality of your marriage registration. The downside of going the DIY route is the need for patience in navigating the Thai bureaucracy.

Choose What Works for You

Remember, if you’re getting married in Thailand, take the time to make sure everything is done legally to avoid any future problems. Choose the route that works best for you, whether it’s with an agent or on your own, and enjoy your special day in the beautiful Land of Smiles.



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