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Olia & Kurt | The Riverside Boutique Hotel Vang Vieng Wedding

The Riverside Boutique Hotel Vang Vieng Wedding

Olia & Kurt had their beautiful Laos wedding at The Riverside Boutique Hotel in Vang Vieng. They chose to get married in Laos, where they started dating back in 2018. Their 7 best friends flew in from all over the world to celebrate their special day!
Their wedding ceremony was held mid-morning so their families in Ukraine and Canada could follow along on a live stream. Then the bride and groom took their wedding party on a Lao adventure! We rode motorbikes through the picturesque Vang Vieng countryside. We stopped for a cooling dip at a magical Blue Lagoon. We also trekked to the top of Nam Xay for breathtaking views across the valley.
It was the first-ever wedding at Riverside Boutique Resort, yet you would never have known as the service was outstanding. Vang Vieng’s most upscale hotel resort is on the tranquil Song River, framed by breathtaking limestone mountain ridges. The Riverside Boutique blends Laotian cultural elements with the charm of the French colonial era. Their wedding reception was a delightful riverside dinner at this exceptional Laos wedding venue.

River Tubing in Vang Vieng

Vang Vieng, a lively town in rural Laos, takes river tubing to a new level. Almost two decades ago, Vang Vieng started to gain popularity in Southeast Asia for its stunning natural scenery. Limestone mountains, lagoons, and, of course, the meandering Nam Song River.
Before their wedding, the bride and groom took their guests to a joint bachelor and bachelorette party. They were tubing down the Nam Song in Vang Vieng!

Vang Vieng Laos

Vang Vieng is a serene town 2 hours north of Laos’ capital, Vientiane. Lush green mountains and the flowing Nam Song River surround the town.
Once notorious for its wild party scene, Vang Vieng has become an eco-adventure destination. Situated halfway between Vientiane and the UNESCO World Heritage site Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng now offers a tranquil haven.
Vang Vieng has undergone significant changes recently. The town center thrives with boutique hotels and upscale restaurants along the waterfront. While the party scene still exists, it’s not reminiscent of the raucous past and is the perfect location for a destination wedding!

Riverside Boutique Vang Vieng

Situated by the water in the town center, Riverside Boutique Vang Vieng offers a peaceful escape near the night market. It provides stunning views of rock formations and easy access to Vang Vieng’s beautiful hinterland via the nearby bridge.
Known for its backpacker appeal between Vientiane and Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng is evolving. The Riverside Boutique Resort has 34 rooms showcasing French colonial design. Each room, inspired by regional ethnic groups, adds a unique touch.
If you’re not into adventure sports or nightlife, the on-site Restaurant du Crabe d’Or offers diverse Laotian dishes. While Vang Vieng remains a common stopover, boutique hotels like Riverside Boutique are turning it into a destination.

Top 6 Things to See and Do in Vang Vieng

1. Go tubing on the river. Rent a tube, enjoy transportation to the starting point, and float back to town. Perfect for a pre wedding party!
2. Go caving. Explore the accessible Golden Cave (Tham Phu Kham) at the Blue Lagoon, featuring an aquamarine lagoon for a refreshing swim. Bring a flashlight to delve deeper into the cave (available for rent if needed). Tham Chan Cave is another option accessible via an orange suspension bridge and a steep staircase behind the Vang Vieng Resort.
3. Rent an ATV or go dirt biking. Embrace the popularity of ATVs and dirt bikes with well-marked trails for off-roading fun. Or cruise around the beautiful Vang Vieng countryside.
4. Check out the Blue Lagoon. Despite the crowds, a tuk-tuk ride to the lagoon is worthwhile. Explore the cave and witness daring jumps from the tree’s highest branch. While the original Blue Lagoon remains popular, lagoons 2 or 3 offer a quieter experience further from town. We ventured out to Blue Lagoon 3!
5. Take a hot air balloon ride. Hot air balloon rides provide a scenic experience of Vang Vieng’s mountainous surroundings. The wedding party enjoyed this on their last morning with Balloon Over Vang Vieng.
6. Nam Xay Viewpoint. Beyond Blue Lagoon 1, Nam Xay Viewpoint offers a short but steep climb to stunning 360-degree views of karsts, farmland, and rice fields. (I can confirm that it’s very steep!)

From Olia & Kurt

Bride and groom at Riverside Boutique Hotel Vang Vieng Laos Wedding
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