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Sylvia & Ben | Sinouk Coffee Pavilion Vientiane Wedding

Sinouk Coffee Pavilion Vientiane Wedding in Laos

Sylvia & Ben married at the stunning Sinouk Coffee Pavilion in Vientiane, Laos.
Hailing from Paris, France, the couple met on Bastille Day in 2012. At that time, they were both students engaged in internships in Laos, albeit in different organizations. Sylvia worked at the UN and Benjamin at the Lao Institute for Renewable Energies. On that memorable evening, the French Embassy hosted a garden party and extended an invitation to Sylvia and her family. Benjamin, harbouring a desire for French cheese and charcuterie, managed to sneak in!
Returning to Laos a decade later for their 10th anniversary, Benjamin seized the moment to propose. Their wedding festivities unfolded in Vientiane, Laos, with 80 of their friends and family who journeyed from France.
In the morning, the Baci ceremony was held at their sister’s home in Thong Kang Village, Vientiane. Sylvia’s relatives presented Ben with a succession of challenges prior to granting him permission to claim his bride! The lavish celebration unfolded with another 500 guests at the exquisite Sinouk Coffee Pavilion, orchestrated entirely by the family.

History of Sinouk Coffee

The Sinouk Coffee Pavilion, a 15-minute drive from downtown Vientiane, offers a serene retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city. Its picturesque setting, with lush greenery and blooming flowers, sets it apart as a unique destination in Vientiane. The Pavilion is situated along the route to landmarks such as the Buddha Park, the Friendship Bridge, and Nam Pien Yorla Pa. Sinouk Coffee Pavilion serves as an ideal stopover before exploring the charming landscapes of Laos.
After 30 years in France, Sinouk returned to Laos in 1994 with a mission. He aimed to boost economic activity in Southern Laos, create jobs, and find a unique export product. Coffee fit the bill perfectly. Sinouk began his coffee journey by trading green beans. In the same year, he co-founded the Lao Coffee Association (LCA) with his father, Sisouk Sisombat. The LCA promotes the welfare of Lao coffee farmers and unifies stakeholders to develop the industry.
Two years later, armed with coffee processing knowledge, Sinouk established his own plantation in Thateng Village, 82 km from Paksé. The fertile soil and ideal climate produced top-quality beans, leading Sinouk to launch his own coffee production for the country. Sinouk Coffee, the first Lao coffee brand, was founded by Sinouk, who developed coffee roasting skills. He opened the first Café Sinouk in Paksé to promote coffee culture in Laos, later expanding with more cafes in Paksé and Vientiane.
Sinouk Coffee is now one of the successful SMEs in Laos, known for innovation in the Lao coffee industry and introducing new ways to appreciate Lao coffee globally.

The Baci Ceremony

The Baci Ceremony, or Sou Khuan, is a venerable tradition in Laotian culture. It is a sacred rite to foster harmony and prosperity that has endured through centuries. White cotton strings are tied around couples’ wrists to call back wandering spirits and restore balance.
In Laotian belief, 32 spirits, known as “khuan,” safeguard each human, with each spirit linked to a specific organ within the body. The Baci ceremony reunites these spirits with the individual, fostering inner harmony and balance..
Baci holds deep meaning in life events like births, weddings, and farewells. Led by the Mor Phon, the ceremony includes prayers and precise rituals.
In the context of Laotian weddings, the hosting of the Baci ceremony falls upon the bride’s family. Before the union, negotiations for the bride-price occur. Then comes the groom parade. The groom progresses through gates, ending with the tender ritual of foot washing before entering the bride’s home.
During the Baci ceremony, chants echo, eggs are fed, and white strings bind the couple’s wrists, symbolizing their union. Elders bless them, while the Somma procession seeks forgiveness from both families.
As the ceremony ends, attendants escort the newlyweds to their chamber, honoring the sanctity of the marital bed and pillows. Contemporary adaptations of this sacred tradition blend ancient customs with modern sensibilities.

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