Take Care of Your Wedding Photographer

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Wedding Photographer

Your wedding photographer works hard to see that your wedding pictures are everything your dream of. He will spend 6 to 12 hours on his feet dragging heavy equipment from one shoot to another in pursuit of that goal, and all of that is done in hot conditions!

Part of the Background

He will be rounding up the inevitable stragglers for portraits and patiently waiting for the bride who is running late with her hairdresser. He will be working on the those getting ready shots first thing, then moving on to portraits of the bride and groom, the wedding party and your extended family and friends. In between all that, he will be catching great shots where he sees them, and always be on the lookout for the next one. Then it’s off to the ceremony to catch those magic moments for your wedding album and onward to the reception.
Often, the unobtrusive wedding photographer going quietly about his workday becomes part of the wedding background, lost in the shuffle and taken for granted. Surely, he is not treated badly on purpose. After all, he is the one who will be documenting one of the most important events in your life. Making sure he is well treated is in your best interests, a simple gesture that is sure to benefit both his humour and the quality of your wedding photography.

Hungry Work

Keep in mind that by the time your guests are sitting down to eat, your wedding photographer may well have been on the go for 8 or 10 hours without a minute to sit down or a bite to eat. Don’t forget to see to it that he has a chance to take a break have a meal in the midst of all that hard work. And, be sure to tell your caterer that he is to have a real meal, not a sandwich in the kitchen.

Your Wedding Photographer Will Take Care of You

Weddings can be hectic and overwhelming for the bride and groom as they try to keep everything running smoothly. With so many details to be attended to and so much excitement in the air, things can fall through the cracks. However, you should make sure that your photographer is not one of them. Take good care of your wedding photographer and he will take good care of you!



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Aidan Dockery

Aidan Dockery

Originally from the UK, Aidan Dockery has photographed all over the world and captured countless weddings with his easy-going style and energizing spirit.

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