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‘Lush landscapes, majestic mountains, and delicious Thai cuisine, Chiang Mai is incredible.’ – Chiang Mai Wedding Photographer Aidan Dockery

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If you’re considering a breathtaking destination wedding, look no further than Chiang Mai, Thailand. This culturally significant city in Northern Thailand attracts over a million tourists annually, drawn by its natural beauty and a rich tapestry of traditional Buddhist temples, museums, nature parks, and more, all nestled amid picturesque mountains. Chiang Mai also embraces the unique cultures and ancient customs of various hill tribes, adding to its allure.

While lacking a coastline, Chiang Mai compensates with an abundance of spectacular tourist spots and awe-inspiring mountain views.

No matter your religious background – be it Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, or non-secular – Chiang Mai offers a range of venues to host your dream wedding. You can opt for a Thai-style setting, choose from one of the many Thai wats (temples) within the city, or exchange vows by the historic riverbank that runs alongside the province.

Shangri-La Chiang Mai

Wat Phra Singh Woramahawihan Chiang Mai
Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts have earned a global reputation for their exceptional service, making them an excellent choice for your wedding venue. Their spacious and elegant ballrooms are perfect for hosting larger weddings, providing a grand and memorable setting for your special day.

As you plan your wedding, don’t forget to secure your honeymoon booking with Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts as well. Their exceptional service extends beyond the wedding day, ensuring a delightful and romantic start to your journey as a married couple.

Four Seasons Chiang Mai

There’s this amazing resort tucked away in Mae Rim, surrounded by lush rice fields. It’s part of one of the most prestigious hotel chains in the world, Four Seasons Chiang Mai.

They have this special wedding called the ‘Thai Lanna Wedding,’ where the elders from a nearby village give their blessings to the couple. It’s so authentic and makes for beautiful images!

Anantara Chiang Mai Resort

wedding guests letting off komloy lanterns at The Rachamankha Chiang Mai Wedding
You’ve got to see Anantara Chiang Mai! It’s this beautiful secluded getaway by the river, away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. They have three different wedding packages to choose from, each with its own unique program that can cater to your every wish.

Imagine your dream day, surrounded by a garden filled with flower petals and the serene flow of the Mae Ping river in the background. And the best part? Anantara’s service is absolutely top-notch, so you can be sure everything will run flawlessly on your big day. It’s the perfect place to make your wedding truly unforgettable!

137 Pillars House Chiang Mai

bride and groom laugh at their wedding reception at 137 pillars chiang mai thailand
Let me tell you about 137 Pillars House – it’s a truly stunning boutique hotel with a rich colonial history dating back to the late 1800s. The hotel boasts 30 beautiful suites and is nestled in a leafy residential area, just a short walk from historical landmarks like the Wat Gate Temple and the serene Ping River. Plus, you’ll find some lovely boutique shopping nearby. Oh, and it’s a member of the exclusive Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) group!

This place is pure romance – perfect for weddings, honeymoons, or just a romantic getaway. The grounds are simply breathtaking, featuring a 15-meter green vertical wall by the emerald pool, and a majestic Banyan Tree that’s over 120 years old stands at the center of the property. Imagine the incredible photos you can take here!

They have various Wedding Ceremony Packages to suit different tastes and budgets, including options for a charming traditional Thai, Buddhist, or Western ceremony. So, if you’re looking for a dreamy, romantic spot, 137 Pillars House has got you covered.